Tuesday, November 27, 2007

For Whom Does the Whistle Blow?

I saw in the paper where the trains that pass by where I usually sleep will be silenced. They're gonna put in some new technology or something that allows them to not need to blow their lonesome nighttime whistle. This is like a friend leaving me. That whistle gives me comfort in the night. It drops soothing water onto my parched lips.

I'm listening to it right now and I can hear the distant rumbling of the passing cars. I may not be in Folsom prison, but a prisoner I be. Much as I would love to hop aboard that train and flee from my life, I know I would only find myself in the same hell all over again. What meager support system I have built up here I cannot abandon. If anyone knew what little I am truly living for, they would only laugh - or maybe cry.

Please don't leave, my fellow warrior of the night. We each travel a solitary journey through darkness. As I hear your midnight wail, I want to stay in that moment of bonding forever. Your treasured call is a friendly wave to the world. Only those who know me from afar are my friends.

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