Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Revolutions of Useful Idiots

As I posted before, I’ve been reading a fantastic book on the Russian Revolution, “A People’s Tragedy”, by Orlando Figes. In it he completely outlines the root causes of the revolution and lays bare the mechanics of Lenin’s rise to power and instituting of a totalitarian regime. It states that Lenin ate, slept and drank the revolution, making it his complete life - often to the point of breakdown. His single-minded dedication to politics gave him an edge over any of his political rivals. Today here in America, we see another single-minded monster paralleling the legendary Commie.

Let’s call it the Revolution of 9/11. The political seizure of power by the administration was swift and sure of itself. Just as Lenin, they usurped power, polarized opinion by taking extreme positions and played on the fears of the people. The “With us or against us” attitude is excellent for creating a hardcore base of defenders (Useful Idiots) searching for purpose for their useless lives. In times of peace, fanatical positions are seen as absurd, but once extremists have been given a society’s blessing, it’s only a matter of time before they are running the whole show. It’s an attitude of, “If they feel so passionately about it, those Nazis must be right.”

In times of chaos, the true soul of a nation is revealed (everybody’s silent when things are going well). The most valuable asset of a con man is the ability to read the human soul, to know its strengths and, more importantly, where it’s corrupt. Russia’s self-deception was in its belief it was creating a Grand Society of equality. They were on a mission from God – and this is what Lenin hid behind. Thusly, all the murder and mutilation and terrorizing done along the way was OK because it “served the greater good”. The Russian atrocities were unspeakable. But who among them would admit their path was false as they rampantly committed such (Lenin encouraged) crimes?

Our blind spot is in believing we’re always the Good Guys in any situation – that it is not possible for us to be on the wrong side of any war. Knowing we’ll never admit we’re wrong, our war criminal President has leveraged this into carte blanche authority to wage any war he sees fit. And he has even as much said he’s a on a mission from God. This extreme position allows him to sow fear among the weak (“Better not dispute him – he may be right!”) and brand opponents as weak (“They don’t want to defend us!”). The only way to stop it is to come clean and admit we’re in the wrong. How many people you know wanna do that?? (No wonder the chimp is always smirking)

The last parallel I noticed between Lenin and our own President was an attitude of complete contempt. This, of course, stems from their own self-loathing. But the con man has one distinct “advantage”: he lives no real life (ergo, the self-hatred). With nothing to lose, he is able to admit to himself he is a total fraud and thusly he totally despises anyone foolish enough to follow him. How amusing it is to hear the Useful Idiots so passionately defend your policies of destruction! “Kill your dreams as I killed mine!” the dictator mocks. All politics is a reflection of your personal life.

We have placed our soldiers in an impossible position: asking them to wage an immoral war and to die and destroy for no reason. In the preface to Orlando Figes’ book, he mistakenly states that a people do not always get the government they deserve. But when a people turn their back on the truth, only disaster can follow. Useless idiots always get what they deserve – and their foulness poisons the water for us all.

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