Tuesday, September 18, 2007

O.J. Should Have Gotten the Chair

But not for double homicide. But just so we can all be spared the endless fake outrage of the white man over his every perceived transgression. “OJ Farts While Playing Golf. Club Members Riot”. Next time you see a white man on TV talking about O.J., just put it on mute and watch how red his face turns with anger. From the look on his face you’d think O.J. had just fucked his wife with his big, black dick.

And since everybody propagates their motives as being the same as God’s own, I just had to ask one of the “outraged”: Why so much anger against The Juice? Why was I not surprised when the answer I got was the root of the white man’s rage was due to his “love of justice”. Now that’s just goddam funny! You sure you wanna go with that? Love of justice, huh? Let’s just take a closer look at that (after I stop laughing).

For a detailed expose of the white man's love of justice, try watching “The Trials of Darryl Hunt”. Never heard of him? How can that be? We love justice so much! An outrage like this just has to be known across the land! But since there actually may not be some justice lovers out there (shocking!) let us recount the facts of what happened:

In 1984, Deborah Sykes, a young white newspaper reporter, was assaulted, raped, sodomized and stabbed to death just blocks from where she worked in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Though no physical evidence implicated him, Darryl Hunt, a 19-year-old black man, was ultimately convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in prison.

At this point, we insert the usual excuses of “People make mistakes”, “I’m sure they were honest devotees of the truth”, etc, etc. Whatever.

Six months after this brutal crime, another woman was attacked with the same M.O. but she was able to fend off her attacker. Police, however, convinced her not to follow through on a complaint. Because if she had, it would have exposed their wrongful arrest of Darryl Hunt since her attacker was the true criminal in Hunt's case. Prosecutors continued the deceit in court when they used the eyewitness testimony of a former KKK member and an obvious plea to ignore the lack of physical evidence and to concentrate only on the viciousness of the black on white attack. These were not “honest mistakes” but cold, hard decisions to lie and then frame an innocent man.

Fortunately, true justice lovers persevered over the next twenty years to exonerate Darryl Hunt and he was awarded 1.65 million dollars in compensation for his wrongful conviction. So where’s the outrage? Where are all the hard feelings against the police, the prosecutors and the justice system who knowingly fucked this guy? We should be hounding their every step and wailing in moral outrage over the good and free life they lead when these same people denied such a life to another.

Yeah, I know what you sorry fucks are gonna say. Christ, you’re predictable! “That Darryl Hunt guy, he musta dun sumpthin’. Did’ncha say he was black?” “Hey man, you got the facts all wrong! I know so cuz I don’t believe any of that!” “Even if it is true, that’s just one isolated case in a million.” Sorta like O.J.? If only being a redneck cocksucker could be made illegal…

Some will actually admit defeat though when presented with the facts. “Oh yeah, that makes me mad too,” they calmly proclaim. “Now if we can only get that O.J. fucker!!”

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