Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Moral Theory of Relativity

Many people fasten onto science as something hard and fast. The phrase "scientifically proven" acts as sort of a bulletproof vest against any arguments to the contrary. It also implies that anything outside of science must then fall into the realm of philosophy. This reduces life to a more manageable level and sheds moral responsibilities. "Each of us is merely a mass of cells processing data and bodily substance until such time as the body expires." See how much simpler life becomes?

Unfortunately for these people, many scientific “truths” have changed over the years, thus making them lies. But as we all know, real truth never changes, it is absolute.

The true purpose of science, as Einstein reasoned, is to gain a greater understanding of God and the reality that has been created for us. This makes it a moral cause. The greatest leaps in science – the ones most hailed by its proponents – have been moral ones, to change our reasoning from a self-serving egocentric view to realizing there is an objective reality. Morality is an absolute.

The scientific strides we have made forward come from rejecting the point of view of insecurity. Deciding the earth revolves around the sun is the most obvious example. Einstein’s theory of relativity is another, i.e. what is physically true for one person is not necessarily true from another perspective. Meaning you can’t even unequivocally state a ruler is twelve inches long because were I to pass you at the speed of light that ruler would appear to you at a different length. And you would state that as a matter of fact.

So if all things are relative, is there absolute truth? Is this our only reality or does a supreme reality lie elsewhere? Is there a reality outside of this dimension we are also affecting? My answer to these questions is an unequivocal Yes. The sun is a parable for the truth. We cannot look directly into it but we know it’s there. So the truth cannot be seen, but it can be known. What we do know is right from wrong. And the (scientific) truth is that’s all anyone needs to know to be happy.

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