Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Through My Jaundiced Eye

I saw it and said it and no one believed me. I saw it and said nothing and couldn't live with me. So I decided to see nothing. And they said, “Welcome to the club!”

What is intelligence? Who is intelligent? A Jeopardy winner? A scientist? Surely, a doctor or a lawyer? Mommy and Daddy? The Pope! A priest? A President? Well, then, who godammit?
Intelligence is determined by how much you lie to yourself. Or rather, by how little. So today I met an intelligent lawn mower and a stupid President.

“I’m sorry, did I forget to tell you to fuck yourself?”

What is morality? It’s when your dick doesn’t rule your life. It’s a mistake in your best laid plans. It’s your unwanted salvation.

I am never me…I got nothin’ until I am

Jesus in a closet. The man prayed to a plastic Jesus in a closet. People are always trying to sell me on their plastic Jesus. Pain does that. This last guy’s Jesus was education. Got to get an education, he said. Get an education and all things will be good. Then he went to beg for crack money.

“I dunno. Why does anyone sin?”

I'm a useless eunuch trapped on a doomed orb careening through space, fated to labor out my days in concentration camps surrounded by a thousand dickless dictators who have somehow deluded themselves into thinking they're doing God's work and therefore show no mercy. Savage beasts roam freely in well-woven garb thinking that hides their beastly hearts as acid is poured into air and water for illusory profits of the mind. Cyborgs programmed with ill intent march mindlessly as their makers giggle gleefully in the ensuing trail of tribulation, thrusting their souls onto spikes of despair as small men grab for the fleeting power of a dream that is not within. Children who see truly are predated as the enemy to bend and twist until hope becomes their enemy too. Religious fervor worships death wrapped in metal as it’s proclaimed protector of all. The light of life grows ever dimmer as demons dance in the dark hallways of houses without honor and of trees without tending. Hissing of snakes is emboldened by the spinning of heads and turning of hearts, laughing at fools edging to the end of their planks declaring souls ever in the right. It’s a world gone sad and the cries plea louder every day. The louder the screams, the less we hear.

Love is coming. Love will come roaring as a crashing wave of the ocean to wash us clean. Love is the volcano we repress that one day must erupt. Love is all that there is, and so in the end, all that can be.

The truth is never negative

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