Friday, March 16, 2007

Good Bloggie

Homeless Man Farts and Is Slapped by College Girl

In less entertaining news...

Today, I'll be good a blogger. One who "engages his readers in a debate" because my readers "don't know the truth" and it is for me to enlighten them. At least, that's what some moron from BlogCritics proposed to me. He was just oh so market savvy and his belief was that making people think or having them draw their own conclusions is a fatal flaw. I contend the truth is the opposite. Think the earth is flat? Fine by me. I don't give a fuck what you think. You will reap the benefits or sorrows of your beliefs. I know I sure as fucking hell have.

The biggest problem in America is the obvious one: our faith in greed. Oh, I know you're probably moaning and saying it can't be that, that's so yesterday to blame everything on greed. "Yeah", you say, "greed's a problem but there's just so many more pressing problems." Well, let my love open the door. I propose all our more "pressing problems" are the results of our trust in greed. Our poverty, our rampant violence, the dissolution of the family, the lovely war in Iraq - all fruits of our faith. Life becomes intolerable when your society is based upon a lie.

I hear complaints about eroding morals - from those whose morals are eroding. So is religion the answer? Religion, in effect, is your faith in that which you believe will save you. Which makes capitalism the most prevelant religion in America. Who the hell ever says Love will save us in a practical way? Religion means whatever you want it to mean. Don't blame religion on God.

This war is a war of selfishness, thus believers in it claim it to be one of faith. They will tell you their faith is in God, what they won't tell you is that their god is greed. They will tell you, "I got mine. Go get yours." And that is their idea of responsibility. That attitude not only gives them the "right" to tell you to fuck off but it also nicely makes the claim they have done well and been righteous.

Some general came out with his impassioned public cry that homosexuality is immoral and wrong. Let's follow the logic here. So if two guys (or two girls) decide to go off in the back room and boink each other it's a mortal sin. But if heterosexual guys go on a terrorist crusade, take a giant knife and rip a hole in the Middle East unleashing chaos and death on women and children, rip the fabric of civilization and destabilize the world, now that's moral. Just ask him.

The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.
-Thomas Jefferson

As I've said before, most people are for this war. Support is low because we are losing. Were we getting our way, we'd be all for it. Greed sells. But it would still be just as immoral and devastating for us in the long run. Newspapers bring us facts but rarely the truth. One can be "well-read", recite all the news, repeat all the opinions and still know nothing. The only way to know the truth is to read the human heart.

So what do I see in our alleged President?

I see a proud loser, someone who lies to himself, is wildly delusional and self-corrupted, someone so eaten up with insecurities it fuels a desperate lust for power. God sent us this agent of evil to test us. Try reading that in a newspaper. "I only see the good in others," you nobly declare in a fit of willful ignorance. Who gives a fuck what you would "like" to believe? If you don't see the truth of others how can you ever help them?

So if you want to debate me, go ahead. I'm going to go do something more meaningful, like masturbate.

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