Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Irreparable Tears

"Man looks in the abyss, there's nothing staring back at him. At that moment,
man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss."
- Wall Street

"Time feels all wounds."
- Harry Homeless

I woke up falling from the sky,
The final screams before you die;
Landing in a helpless darkness
I start swimming in the blackness.

Is this all there is and to ever be?
Will the sun shine again on me?
I lost my heart inside my head,
Afraid to follow where it led.

Aches return to my joints,
For these pains is there a point?
In fields of poppies I grow weary,
But of that sleep I am leery.

From Love's light I hid my face,
Woman taunts: "You big disgrace!"
The ups and downs are so uneven
Riding roller coaster grievin'.

In Heaven's halls do they know my name?
Or have I been lost to the insane?
I saw her today but could not speak,
Who gives time to a friendless freak?

So many vital stupid decisions
Leaving me with scarred incisions;
I only know if you want to live
Find out what you have to give.

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