Sunday, February 12, 2017

Manson and Bannon Secret Texts

Hey, Charlie, what's up? Killed anyone lately?

Can't. Got denied parole again. Once the press
is out to get you, you're screwed!

Don't I know it! Luckily, President Nero has the guts to take them on.

About damn time!!!

Oh, I've been meaning to ask you, who did that cool swastika tattoo on your forehead?

Guy from the Satanic Sanctum on Sunset Strip. Ask for Lucifer.

Thanks! Just imagine how that will drive liberals crazy!

Those know-it-alls! Nothing I love more than pissing them off.

Me too!! I don't care if the whole country burns down so long as I can annoy those fuckers along the way. Nero is really bummed he can't nominate you for a cabinet post.

Give it time! All libtards want to do is create fake news using facts.

Morons! Facts don't matter. Never have. It's *beliefs* we have to control.

Been doing that for years.

I know! It's our primary duty to create as much Muslim hysteria as possible so the sheep won't notice how we're ripping them off.

Brilliant! My second choice was to be a Wall Street trader. I really regret my
choices now. Just think of how many more I could have killed with poverty
than a knife!!

There's still plenty of shearing left to do even with the most imbalanced distribution of wealth here in the Western world. Thank you, Obama, for protecting our greedy ways from the liberals!

"Praise be to Satan who gives me my power."

I'm loving your campaign. You got them believing the guy
mowing their lawn is the source of all their problems!!

That's only the beginning. We have to keep upping the Muslim ante in order to maintain the distraction. I've put out lots of smokescreens on my "philosophy" but really the goal is same as always: to make the world safe for assholes.

Amen to that! You going to start a war?!?

Yes, God told me to.

That answer always sells!

First we'll tell them they have a choice between Christian fascism or Islamic fascism. Some fringe elements will argue for no fascism but we'll call them idealists so no one will listen. Once the suckers take the bait on that we can REALLY ram our Satanic agenda down their throat.

Oh, that's hot! You busy later?

You can see it working already. NO ONE wants to admit we have Nero fiddling while Rome burns in charge. Congress is shaking in their boots at our ruthless power grab. We all know how much conservatives hate Christ in reality. They'll be terrified to go against *anything* done in the name of Jesus.

Think you could send me a pic with your shirt off?? lol

These are glorious times! We're going to make America hate again! We're going to lead them by the nose and expose them for the weak bitch whores that they are! I pray to Hitler's soul each night for continued success. I'm calling this the Fourth Reich.

Just so you know, prison sex really is HAWT!

Yes, it's about time we hooked up. I need someone to practice secret Nazi rituals with.

I'm your guy for that! I know all of Hitler's favorite positions (wink, wink)

I can't wait till the press reports on it!!! Will explode their liberal heads!

That's not all that will explode!

I've been waiting for this my whole life. AT LAST, the truth has no meaning. God is our whore and Jesus is our bitch.

Great! bring them along too!

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