Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Mecum Maseratis, Dallas 2016

Auction 4

The Maserati gods were smiling upon me at the last Mecum auction. A very rare 4.9 liter 1969 Ghibli spyder along with a 1975 Bora were both up for sale. What a painful time to be poor. The Ghibli was the star of the show with an estimated price of around a million. The market for these Spyders is climbing but they usually go for a fraction of that price. The engine must be the difference in this case.

1969 Ghibli Spyder

1969 Ghibli 2

1969 Ghibli 7

Ghibli 6

While the Ghibli had had a first class restoration done on it the Bora was a bit tired with some wear and tear showing on the interior. I thought the $160,000 reserve price was way optimistic. $125,000 would have been a good price for that car. I saw Wayne Carini put a Bora up for auction and he overpriced it too. People just don't appreciate them and that's fine with me. Keep my fake hope alive!

Bora 1

Bora 2

Bora 5

Bora 6

Of course, there were some other fine examples present. Those who will recall the early days of Miami Vice will remember Crockett drove a Ferrari Daytona (it was fake). Here we have the real deal, will probably fetch around three quarters of a million.

1973 Ferrari Daytona 1

Ferrari Daytona 2

"It's a doozy!" That phrase came from the great Duesenberg line of cars. Pictures don't so this car justice. Just blows you away in person, absolute work of art.

Duesy 1

This Aston Martin Vulcan is a glorious beast. Only 24 to be built with a price tag of 2.3 million.

Aston Martin Vulcan 2

This Lincoln Limo really killed me. I'd have a blast with this car, something straight out of The Godfather. Car was a steal far as I was concerned.

1938 Lincoln Limo 1

Lincoln Limo 5

Lincoln Limo 7

The cost of buying a classic supercar does not end with the purchase. The maintenance on these high-strung creations comes with a steep bill and is one reason why you see so many low mileage examples running around even years later. Here's an invoice detailing some of the work done on the Bora. These kinds of costs are typical.

Bora Invoice

To find out how the auction went for the two Masers, see the videos below.

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