Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How To Remove Putin From Power

NOTE: This is an intellectual exercise only.

Morons always support other morons

"It takes a village of idiots to elect the village idiot."

It's easy to blame the bad guy at the top for a nation's ills. And it's unquestionable among the knowing that Putin is both a betrayer and traitor to his country. But who do we have to blame for that situation? The Russian people as a whole. With the fall of the wall, a chance was given for a new direction. Instead, oppression only morphed into a new form, just as with the revolution of 1917. Damn.

Russia has self-sabotage ingrained deep in her psyche. In this world, there will always be those who desperately seek to take advantage of a situation for they have given themselves no legitimate way to life. Russia wallows in the darkness of her self-pity like a hog in mud. Yes, one hates the mud but eventually must claim to love it to deflect from one's foolish choice. Next thing you know people are muttering at what an enigma you are when really you just want out of the fucking mud.

So just like in our illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, removing the monster at the top only worsens the situation. Same would be true of Putin. Jackals are just waiting in the wings to swoop in at the merest hint of a power vacuum. That would not lead to an improvement in conditions. Like I said, that must come from the grass roots, from the people themselves.

Forces of light

It's been written that Russians love a "strong man" for a leader - but only if it's a lie. Russia loves to constantly claim she is being persecuted by enemies who are the cause of her woes. This truly is one of her favorite pastimes. They know it's a fiction but it's fun. The idea of real enemies and real harm terrifies the Vodka out of them, just like when Stalin crawled into a bottle at the beginning Germany's invasion in WWII.

Same is true for the "strong man" myth. They really like crybabies like Putin, partly because it allows them to feel morally superior to the head bitch and partly because it's less threatening for someone to be role-playing a strong man than actually be one. It really is sort of a collectively sad symphony. But how to make the music stop? Assassinate Putin, of course.

Now, I've taken a vow of non-violence even though the impulse to assassinate is still there. The horrible, terrible solution is the age old one of waiting for the justice of God. But there are those who correctly believe we were not put here to suffer. Acting out of that conviction, one can be guided to continue life by killing the killers. Those people are very, very rare, though.

To effectively remove Putin, he must be made to look weak. If that could happen through outside pressure causing him to publicly blink before the Russian people, that would be sweet. One could argue that Russia's escalation of its Syrian involvement is to hide her economic woes of running out of money. And as we all know, money is a gun and politics is knowing when to pull the trigger. But for the sake of argument we'll assume no outside pressure will cause Putin's demise.

So that takes us back to assassination. For Putin to be killed it would definitely be a blow to the Russian psyche. Daddy is always supposed to win! It would give them pause and reflection. How much reflection would be determined by the manner of the moron's death. For this, I would suggest poison.

Exiled Russian Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned by Putin by way of one of his temper tantrums that someone didn't like him. The obtaining of that poisonous radiation particle could only have been done by the state. To have the Russian leader die by his own sword would send a message of vast weakness, corruption, and ineptitude like shockwaves across the country. "We put our faith in that weakling??"

Put your faith in this Russian!

A healing hint of "We might ought to grow up some" would be planted in their minds. No more wholesale wallowing in negativity. "Maybe life is better than we give it credit for." That sort of sober thinking would disallow future Putins or Stalins from rising to power ever again. And who knows, one step in the right direction could lead to more and more.

The problem comes in executing the act itself. It cannot be done by anti-Putin forces nor those who say they are doing it for Mother Russia when really they serve only themselves. It would have to be a completely selfless act, done by someone whose convictions are stronger than those of Putin's. Otherwise you end up with the boondoggle like in the failed attempts at killing Castro and Hitler. One must be in accordance with the universe or run into what the deceived call "bad luck."

Does this person even exist in our corrupt world? Who knows. One thing I do know is we all have to answer for our sins sooner or later. God knows I have.

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