Sunday, October 02, 2016

Aw, Shoot!

Most of us never stray too far from the daily bubble world we know. But when forced into the streets such as I, one comes across a variety of characters that inevitably challenge your world view (which is why we avoid them in the first place!). It's up to you how to deal with them.

"Hey, It's Mr. Do-Gooder! How's it going?"

"I'm so frustrated!"

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"Thank you! Sympathy is so rare for me."

"Sympathy for the do-gooder," I mumbled.

"I see so many people doing the wrong thing when the right thing is so obvious! We've got to set these people straight."

"Indeed! Something must be done!"

"My thoughts exactly! This world needs saving!"

"But what can you do?"

"I document their dastardly deeds in my blog while proposing positive solutions to incur public pressure for reform. I got that from an article on Huffington Post."

"Most commendable! Has this grassroots effort of yours bore any fruit?"

"Not yet! Not yet! But just you wait. Once enough voices join together change will happen, you wait and see."

"I doubt nothing you say. But perhaps someone in authority might help?"

"That's the goal. Once our voices are loud enough, they can't ignore us."

"It's your lucky day, then, because I have an actual Authority Figure right here with me. He tells me you sound like someone he can use."

"Yes, please use me! Yes, please!"

"He says first you have to put this blindfold on."

"What for??"

"To prove your faith and unfailing trustworthiness. Nothing can be accomplished unless we trust one another."

"True dat!"

Standing blindfolded on the street corner was how I left him. As I walked away I mused upon the power of one simple word, that its omission or commission can be the difference between life and death. It's true: poets, priests, and politicians have words to thank for their positions. I am none of those but I too know their power. Had the Do-Gooder been on the side of life he'd have spotted my fraudulence and shooed me away.

Nothing can be accomplished unless we trust one another. I strung him along with honest words - right until the end. Nothing can be accomplished unless we CAN trust one another, that's the true phrase. I suspect had I used that phrase on my nefarious friend I would have been put off, accused of cynical treachery. Instead, he stood there quivering with excitement, the anxious whore waiting to be instructed. This is how you get Jews loaded into ovens. Good riddance to him.

The Authority Figure wasted no time. "Follow me!"

Do-Gooder snapped to attention, filled with longed-for purpose and direction. I could hear the questions and fervent replies as they marched down the street. "How loyal are you? Are you really prepared to make the world a better place? How do I know I can trust you?" He was leading him alright - straight down the garden path.

Later, the Do-Gooder's antics made the news. The Authority Figure had given him a gun and ordered him to fire - while still blindfolded. The sound of a body dropping and pained wailing was heard. The Do-Gooder was told he'd just made the world a better place. But now, having become evidence, he was led deep into the dark forest, to be left there to die. "Stand here. Keep your blindfold on. Wait for my return."

This Do-Gooder still had a scrap of forbidden self-respect left, though, and took off his blindfold the minute he thought he was alone. Lost, having no way out, he screamed. But his screams were not heard, were not wanted to be heard, and were not allowed to be heard. Then he heard voices heading for him. "Sounds like a complainer of his fate! Let's take his ass out!"

Damaged, deceived, and dumbfounded, the Do-Gooder scrambled his way back to the city streets. He tried to tell his tale of woe but was drowned in derision. Both used and used up, his mind snapped. Still armed with his gun, the Go-Gooder shot five Authority Figures. Sanctimonious speeches soon swelled.

"We must do more for those in authority. What happened here shows the threat of the unjustifiably Discontented in our society and how we must root these people out if we are to be safe. Let's join together today to give our Authority Figures more trust and more faith. Together, we shall overcome!"

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