Monday, October 31, 2016

A Bad Day In Rome

The angels put a petition before God to make a decision. "It's obvious with the crucifixion of the emissary, that left unchecked the humans on the planet they call Earth will wipe themselves out, thus ending the species. Is this what You desire?"

"No," sighed God. "I fucked up. I gave them no path to life. The truth must be protected."

This decision had not reached Roman ears yet as the great Roman orator spoke inside the Coliseum.

"Their God is a poor and laughable god. We proved the might - and right - of Rome by the killing of their king and so-called Savior. Let this be a lesson to all on who rules the world. The fool said his kingdom was not of this world, then so be it! Be gone and stop your interfering! Glory today in Roman power as we watch our enemies eaten alive. We shall mock their God while He falsely claims victory in the land of myths. We shall take our victory here and now!'

The crowd roared wildly, ecstatic under the ancient sun. Never had they felt such validation for their ways and the intoxicating relief it brought made their frenzy as unstoppable as water from a broken dam. Who could question them now?

But when the lions were released upon the truth-tellers nothing happened. Unseen, angels descended upon earth to surround the truth-tellers like force fields. In the Coliseum, this caused great outrage. Spears and jeers were launched but they too proved harmless. At this point the crowd lost its mind, obsessed with the idea of killing, believing nothing could be more important in their lives. They hurled curses and rocks, crowding onto the field to wage direct assaults, all to no avail.

"This cannot be! The rules have changed! We can kill anyone, anytime, anywhere we want for any reason! We must be allowed to kill their liberal thought! There's no living with their words, the agony is unbearable. I can't stand to hear how I'm doing wrong and the good things I'm missing out on. Kill, kill, kill, kill! Somebody save us! Whose fault is this this is happening?"

Needing to satisfy their lust to kill, the Romans then turned on each other in boiling frustration. They stabbed, stoned, and speared one another until not a single person was left except for one musing boy.

"If we were so right, why did we even need to kill the truth in the first place? Last time I go to a Donald Trump rally."

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