Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Last Dream

Sitting on the edge of humanity
Watching the world around me melt;
Questions never asked nor answered
Who dare seeks of what I felt?

Patterns 35

Patterns 1

Patterns 32

Fantasies of Man enslaved
By armies of keyboard queers;
The hell of debated truths
Keeps sheep shivering in fears.

Patterns 8

Patterns 27

Patterns 24

Rolling clouds of destiny
Are revered by the meek;
Magical tech winds clear the sky
As fools praise unholy geek.

Patterns 12

Patterns 7

Patterns 5

Debt of mountainous lies piles high
"We can only delay the date it's due!"
Anarchists proclaim debt must be paid
Pragmatists proclaim fairy tales are true.

Patterns 15

Patterns 16

Patterns 17

Planet poachers short on time
Legalizing all their crime!
Until at last in a midnight scream
Madness drowns the final dream.

Patterns 34

Patterns 9


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