Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Found In Translation

"How can I ever trust you after what I've done to you?"
asked the plantation owner to the slave.

"Religion is born of my mistrust of God."

"Would you like your sin secular or holy, please?"

"Two rights don't make a wrong! The world is going wrong.
Ergo, it's responsible to the world to be wrong."

"I saw you flashing your love. You'll get arrested for that!"

"The freedom of my chains shall set you free!"

"You will have to sin tomorrow if you wish to sin today."

"Fearing removal of approval keeps you a fool."

"She was standing everywhere when I saw her standing there."

"When love flees terror follows."

"Keep fighting against peace until the end of war."

"Seeking safety in my bed, the road in my head is dead."

"In the sunshine of his hate he wins the debate."

"When I saw the judge disrobe he yet remained as unjust."

"Backstabbers' blues as I read the news."

"Her conviction to have conviction is a fiction."

"Under their radar flew the cuckoo's nest."

"My silence was misspoken."

"In open wound surgery they found his shattered heart."

"She loved the feel of adrenaline whenever she would lose again."

"After disconnection she could find no direction."

"Remember, I'm still your boss!"
"Only as long as Satan rules the earth."

"Money makes you do things you don't want to do.
"Love makes you do things you do want to do."
(Which do you think will win in the end!)

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