Saturday, January 30, 2016

Walking Alone

I'm not a pleasant person to be around.

I don't apologize for that.

I didn't join the army.

I didn't love.

I hate the lies (good or bad) believed about me.

I hate the lies I tell.

I yearn to be indoors walking the streets.

I yearn to be on the streets while indoors.

Wherefore art thou, Freedom?

I'm ready for this to end.

The flames are only getting hotter.

None will mourn my passing for none have known me.

Those who think they do, know me least.

Few I have met who want to live.

I must eat quickly before they take it away.

Those who think they know best will die first,

Never to return.

No longer a time for all things under the sun.

What's done before can no longer be done.

No hope for all but there's hope for the one.

Thorns of the world rule undefeatable in priceless terror.

No happy ending. Just a happy beginning.

Assassins of the Son lead us in prayer.

"You, there. Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!"

I ignore the calls by entitled killers.

This is just one dead man talking to another.

There's nothing left to be proven.

I hear cheers and laughter in a passing bar.

Both devil and angel are applauded.

Reality's escape is never long.

Crumbling stability of locked handcuffs.

You've got yours but I've not got mine.

Walking alone until the end of time.

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