Monday, January 18, 2016

In God We Mistrust

This calls for wisdom:
Let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast,
for it is the number of a man,
and his number is 666.

If we really trusted God money wouldn't exist!

In Tarrant County (Fort Worth), the property tax assessor sends out his notices with "In God We Trust" stamped on them in large block letters multiple times. He does not do this because he trusts God! Rather, it's money we truly trust to "save" us. A man's religion in the truest sense is in what he places the safeguarding of his life. If God is love then when is the last time you saw someone trusting love? It happens, but rarely.

But of course we have to say we trust God, especially when we emblazon it on our very own golden calf. The total mass power of this mutual agreed delusion is equal to a million billion suns. The amount of energy bent to keep the fiction of money alive is not comprehensible at this point. But rest assured we are bending the universe and when we finally give out and the universe irrevocably snaps back into place, we will be in for the shock of a lifetime - all our lifetimes, that is. To admit we are committing this horrible sin of waste is too horrible to confess.

Yet we must.

"Let me know if the numbers work." It's a phrase we say without thinking. It's a comforting phrase for it implies we can boil life down to something concrete and finite. It also absolves us of responsibility as we pretend to be helpless before the numbers beast. Put pollution controls on cement kilns? Put food in front of every man, woman and child? Let everyone work as much as they need? Only "numbers" can answer those questions. If the numbers say no then we poison our land, air, and water in petrified paralysis while claiming purity of heart.

They called him an hippie communist anarchist -
then had him crucified.

In Flint, the numbers said to poison the people. We are so contaminated by the beast we think nothing of it, only alleged radicals and anarchists are outraged. But it those who are not outraged who are the radicals and anarchists, destroyers of the world. So successful is the lie pontificating the beast gives us order and safety that causalities in that cause are acceptable. We poison for the greater good! Yet, were I to feed lead to a single child I'd be called a monster for the ages.

In the Sixties we dreamed the dream - but never lived it. When the dream does come for real, the unleashing of energy will be a supernova as we are no longer beholden to maintaining this binding fiction. Sauron's ring lives. Our rage and seething intensifies with every passing day, furious at our lack of freedom, fighting shadow monsters in mock resistance, waiting in agony for the dam to break. It's fucking excruciating. And only gets worse until resolved.

Still not convinced? Well, Nature always has the final say. It's funny watching us dictate to the universe. High priests of the economic religion spout infamous nonsense parsed from the soul. We bless our perfidy from on high, awed by the power of propaganda, thinking ourselves clever in worship of the number beast. If you think the lie only a small twist, unimportant and "understandable", perhaps even (laughably) prudent, then consider how you'd feel this is what our money looked like - and if you could even bear it.

Who we are without money is who we truly are

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