Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mohammed Shoots Americans For Sport! Haha!

I can't stand Americans! They are worthless savages. What good are they to me? What use do they have to the world? Their lives can have no meaning. So taking their lives has no meaning! Me and my buddies like to blow them up and shoot them for fun. Don't see why anyone should have a problem with that.

War is everywhere, like always. Must shoot to kill to live! But my buddies and I get bored - way bored - and heck, if you aren't killing you aren't making the world safe for your kind. Praise be to Allah! When they asked Amir about it later he was like, "At the time, what was going on around us, it wasn't far-fetched, it wasn't bizarre. It was like, 'Alright, sure', you know. 'This is OK.'" And fun!

People asked us, "Are you man enough? Are you tough enough? Can you pull the trigger?" So we showed them! But we're no dummies. Don't want to shoot anyone who can shoot back, right? Doesn't really matter who as long as we get one of them dumb ass Americans. "Nobody's innocent! Fuck 'em!"

First we had to get us a "drop weapon" to plant on them after the kill. Don't want anyone to get the wrong impression - like that an American can be innocent. Plan was to throw a grenade at the dude, yell "Grenade!", shoot his sorry ass down and drop the weapon on him. And you know what? It worked like a charm! "Fuck, right on, man. We got a kill!"

Dumb American bitch went down like a sick of shit. Told you they were nothing! Everyone was so proud of us. "Welcome to the club! You're a grown-ass man now!" It's like Kishwar was saying later, how left out we felt before we got us a kill and the all the killers were getting the glory from the big shots. "They were getting all the applause, everyone giving them high fives, telling them they're made men and everyone needs to look up to them." Well, we weren't going to stand for that.

Bitch boy we killed was 15. When American locals show up we pointed at the drop gun and asked who the bad guy was we killed. Turns out it was his father we were talking to! He starts crying over that worthless American brat. Us? We cut his finger off for a keepsake. Fareed explained: "Let the finger decompose, then take the bone and make a finger bone necklace out of it." Brilliant! Who wouldn't want an American trophy around their neck?

We got a couple more this way too. We were making the world a better place getting rid of these Americans. Sort of like killing germs. Then it all went wrong when the assholes up top come along and pick on us for doing what everyone is doing, saying we gotta act like we care about Americans even if we don't. They said if they put just us away they could say we're the only ones doing pretend kills and the rest of the killers would be safe. We were kind of fucked after then.

They got us in these separate rooms and I'm getting all pissed off at these people talking down to me, asking me what in the hell I was doing like they don't already know. Just doing my job! I was told, "Your job is to kill everything that gets in your way." I can't believe they are getting so upset over a few Americans. But next they tell me killing Americans is good! "Then why the hell are you pissed off when we do it?"

They go on to say they really aren't pissed at all. That everyone back home will act like they are but they aren't pissed either. It's just a big show so some people can pretend they're moral when they aren't. They said it would all blow over real quick with no one giving a shit because it's too much effort to pretend to care about American lives. But also that we would be stuck in jail for years. Damn. Should of killed more.


Of course, the reality is it's Americans killing Afghans for sport. There was some short-lived outrage and the predictable "bad apples" talk, "this is war", and the rest of the ready-made excuses. Stick kids in a sick and immoral situation and this is the fruit it bears. Most people are no better than the "Kill Team". We succumb to cowardice and pressure everywhere from the board room to the bedroom. But that's the whole point. People are weak and pathetic, which is why it's best never to pick up a gun in the first place.

Note: All quotes in italics are actual quotes from the Kill Team.

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