Thursday, April 30, 2015

How To Make Both The Police And Protesters Happy

Stop or I'll cry!

We all know that cops have it rough. It's a dangerous job but less so than many people think. Garbage collectors, construction workers and the transportation industry suffer far more fatalities as a percentage than police. In fact, 2013 had the fewest law enforcement fatalities in six decades. But the common wisdom remains they are in a constant danger for their lives - which makes for really good copy even as the police amp up their armaments year after year.

So why the increase in police violence? I'm sure there are many reasons but only one cause: guilt. The good book says the evil run even when no one is chasing them - or threatening them. They are literally afraid of their own shadow. Must shoot that guilty conscience dead!

A cop's wife once told me 95% of cops are assholes. Many people think the police are arrogant power trippers. But the reality is that is just a cover up for a submissive nature. They must hide their inner bitch as they act as puppets for the powers that be. It's humiliating to be an unquestioning lap dog in perpetual need of approval. It's just a matter of how big of a useful idiot you want to be. The ones who pull the trigger are the biggest idiots of all.

If only we could get police mothers to act like this

We don't have a justice system - never have. We have a legal system. And while our legal system may exonerate the police killings, at the end of the day you the shooter must live with what you've done. All the no bills in the world won't save you from the demons in the middle of the night calling out for truth and justice. The overlords who pat you on the back are laughing at you for being such a sucker. What a tortured existence these killers must lead.

If only we could pass a law to make people grow up. But we know that cannot be enforced. Which means cops are gonna keep on killin'. We all call the terrorists cowards but never call police terrorism cowardice even as they pick on the weakest of the weak. And that, my friends, is where the real problem is. If we can't stop police killings we can at least change who they kill!

If the cops need to keep killing then they need to kill rich white people. Trust me, you won't see masses of black protesters over that! Suddenly their principled concern for justice and civil rights evaporates like a fart in a high wind. Suburban whites won't protest because their future depends on selling out to the man. Poor whites feel too guilty they aren't rich. Yup, coppers, you can kill all the rich white folks you want and no one will say a peep!

Let's face it. Seeing a few Wall Streets traders dragged out of their Aston Martins and put in choke holds for parking in handicapped spaces would be pretty funny. Annoying rich white commentators on TV would act all enraged but normal people would give an honest reaction. "Hedge fund manager dies mysteriously in back of police van." "CEO shot while jaywalking with malicious intent." We deify the rich in this country while demonizing the poor. Time for some role reversal!

In the end, increasingly self-paranoid police are gonna shoot with every tweak of their conscience as their fellow conspirators laud the increasing violence to "make us safe" and the violence that violence begets will continued to be called "inexcusable thuggery" even as the inexcusable thuggery of the police continues unabated by a populace turning a blind eye while drunk on wishful thinking as we go hurling further into the abyss. Anyone want to guess what the future of that is?

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