Sunday, March 01, 2015

REVELATION: The Unholy Trinity

The beast stood alone atop the highest hill, upholding the weight of ten thousand upon his shoulders. The sight caused furor near and far, drawing crowds who were amazed, and they said:"Behold! Who is like the beast? Who can conquer the beast?"

Wondrous of the secret to his power, they remained spellbound before the beast, crying out for its earthly powers. Finally, the beast spoke.

"Triumph Of The Will."

"Positive Thinking."

"God Can Do Anything."

The people gasped, bowing in gratitude. Many dispersed so they too may be like the beast worshiped on earth. At first, they were crushed under the weight, and it was said, "They are not strong like the beast. They did not will the weight." But slowly success came to mimickers of the beast, holding vast weights above their head - though none could match the beast with more than a fraction.

"We followers of the beast bend life to our will. We shall make good out of ill. Nature has lost Her say. Nothing shall be impossible for us. Our slaves will find joy in bondage."

Crowds cheered and marveled at the beast and its followers. These were the beacons of enlightenment who had mastered Nature, leading to the land of milk and honey. Only those who carried weight were deemed worthy of life. Those who refused were outcast, misbegotten to the wilderness. How could anyone unlike the beast have worth? In this way they were programmed.

But a Questioner called out the beast. "The weight cannot be held forever. At some point it must crush the person underneath. In the end, this shall be revealed and the beast will deceive no more."

The voice of the Questioner was strong and authoritative. The beast knew it must answer. "Behold, I ask you: is it death I would choose for myself? This is the way, the power, the glory."

"Death you choose because you see only death. Why not then lift the weight to deceive? Ye of no hope wish to bring hopelessness to all."

"Am I dead now? Is the weight killing me now? No, I say unto you! Ye who see only doom know not the power of positive thinking. My success is here for all to see. Where is this doom you speak of? It exists only in your mind."

In his efforts to prevent doom, the Questioner was deemed the bringer of doom and killed. The beast asked once and for all did that not prove the rightness of its path. Many cheered but Nature's say can only be delayed, never escaped.

One by one, those who carried the weights were crushed. The beast remained and urged the rest to "stay the course!" Until finally only the beast remained and with the many droppings of weights, the earth tilted, crushing the beast, a victim of its own "success".

Reverence for Nature became the new way to life. Truth in every form was acknowledged to be the true positivity. No longer were useless prayers made for acts of evil. "Behold! The earth is reborn! The impossible made possible, illusions gone with the wind. Love is the dream and the dream is reality. Why did we fight this for so long?"

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