Saturday, February 28, 2015

Why ALL Police Shootings Are Justified!

"It's a war, isn't it? I guess I never really understood that."
- Policeman's widow in Dirty Harry film "The Enforcer"

At a time when outrage over the frequency of police shootings is growing regionally and nationally, the killing of Daniel Brumley on a brisk morning last month in Fort Worth passed by with barely a ripple.
The Star-Telegram printed a few paragraphs on Jan. 17, under the headline “Fort Worth officer fatally shoots man who was stabbing him in leg.” Television news reports were equally brief, sharing basic information released by police –– an officer was hospitalized after shooting an unidentified man who’d stabbed him in the leg shortly after 4 a.m. on Northeast 36th Street in the Diamond Hill neighborhood.
That's right, folks. It's a war out there fighting crime and you gotta pick sides. You can close your eyes and turn the other way or face the gritty reality of automatic weapons coupled with mind altering drugs giving us ersatz killer zombies wandering the streets ready to kill at a moment's notice. I, for one, am not for that. It seems, though, we have some touchy liberals who are.
“I want to know what happened,” she said. “This doesn't seem right to me, honestly. He had no bad intentions.”
Two others won’t be forgetting Brumley either, two people he’d never met. Two people who watched the traffic stop from the darkness of their doorways and say the police version of what happened doesn't match what they saw.
What do we have without law and order? Nothing! You've seen the riots, the chaos and the looting. Without police that is what we'd have 24 hours a day until nothing is left. Is there a worse fate than that? Hard to think of one! Ergo, any fate is better than that. I rest my case - punk.

This is what digging for truth gets us. 
Hope you're happy asshole liberals.

“It doesn’t make sense what happened,” he said. “Daniel was no angel, but that doesn’t fit, him stabbing somebody. I could never see that. And the way he was that night, it makes no sense. It didn’t seem like he was in any kind of mood for that to happen. Why would he take a chance to mess everything up when he had everything going right?”
As in any war there's going to be collateral damage. Can't be helped, sacrifices have to be made. I hope you understand. Those who die as collateral damage are actually heroes, serving the greater good of maintaining law and order and an idyllic life for those not shot. Is it not important to protect and preserve the American way of life?
Another neighbor was watching from her doorway as well, during the whole incident. She too, asked that her identity not be revealed for fear of retribution. But she says the shooting has haunted her for weeks. She broke down crying several times during our interview.
The woman said she was watching from about 70 feet away, with an unobstructed view. She saw no sudden moves by Brumley, no struggle, no lunge, no attack.
Some people actually protest law and order. They want to protect and coddle criminals. They want chaos in the streets because they want to be the chaos in the streets looting and raping and all the other things criminals do. Criminals always protect other criminals.
The police officer shot Brumley four times, once in the head and three times in the torso.
The real question is why don't we celebrate the dead Brumley as a hero?? Even if the officer faked his injury he's still part of what keeps our famous lifestyle the envy of the world. Any time an officer feels threatened he must kill. Are you expecting perfection? You're on the wrong planet for that. Yes, mistakes are made and yes, they must be covered up - unless, of course, you want the forces of chaos to take over!

The ultimate preservation of the American way of life, 
one dead child at a time. Sacrifices must be made!

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