Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Obama: Stopping Rape And Making Dreams Come True!

Hates rape like a Bill Cosby

Obama speaks out against rape in Grammy video

President Obama appeared in a short video during the 57th Grammy Awards on Sunday night to speak out against sexual assault.

"It's not okay — and it has to stop," Obama said.

According to the Washington Post, the public service announcement is the latest installment in the White House's "It's On Us" campaign, which is fighting to end sexual assault on college campuses.

In the video, Obama asks the artists at the Grammys to ask their fans to take the "It's On Us" pledge and vow to help end sexual assault.

At the end of the spot, President Obama says, "It's on us — all of us — to create a culture where violence isn't tolerated, where survivors are supported, and where all our young people — men and women — can go as far as their talents and their dreams will take them."

After hearing such inspiring words many anecdotal stories surfaced of college fraternities claiming to be "no longer horny" and "full of a new self-esteem!" It's such a mystery to me how people continue to sin even after being told "Don't sin!" If only we would listen to our betters.

Tragically, many on the Looney Left were so anxious to prove President Jesus correct they actually swallowed the stories of allegedly reformed rapists, got drunk with them, and, uh, were subsequently raped. That's the problem with acting on political motives: it always involves a form of self-deception. Stupidity, however, is the one crime that never goes unpunished.

Our Dear Leader made his dream come true!

We dream about drones, said 13-year-old Yemeni before his death in a CIA strike

A 13-year-old boy killed in Yemen last month by a CIA drone strike had told the Guardian just months earlier that he lived in constant fear of the “death machines” in the sky that had already killed his father and brother.

“I see them every day and we are scared of them,” said Mohammed Tuaiman, speaking from al-Zur village in Marib province, where he died two weeks ago.

“A lot of the kids in this area wake up from sleeping because of nightmares from them and some now have mental problems. They turned our area into hell and continuous horror, day and night, we even dream of them in our sleep.”

Some radicals might actually describe that as a form of rape. How dare they! Don't they know war is hell? This shit just can't be helped. Whiny worry wart should have enrolled in an American university, especially now that they are rape free.

Much of Mohammed’s life was spent living in fear of drone strikes. In 2011 an unmanned combat drone killed his father and teenage brother as they were out herding the family’s camels.

“I saw all the bodies completely burned, like charcoal,” Mohammed’s older brother Maqded said. “When we arrived we couldn’t do anything. We couldn’t move the bodies so we just buried them there, near the car.”

This is how you keep American greed safe

When the Guardian interviewed Mohammed last September, he spoke of his anger towards the US government for killing his father. “They tell us that these drones come from bases in Saudi Arabia and also from bases in the Yemeni seas and America sends them to kill terrorists, but they always kill innocent people. But we don’t know why they are killing us.

See? He was angry with America. Had to be killed! Besides, President Jesus has special secret knowledge on who should live and who should die so we really can't say anything. Isn't that exciting!! In hero worship we trust.

Some people live in the past and don't realize we have entered the age of Thought Wars and we gots to kill them a'fore they be killing us! Super secret CIA agents read minds from around the world and in their infinite wisdom are able to determine through the purity of their souls who are the enemies of our state. Then it's just a matter of taking them out and if you happen to be close by, meh!

How did the CIA mind readers miss these evildoers??

Recently I heard a spokesman speak out against this sort of wanton destruction, though. It went something like this:

"It's not okay — and it has to stop. It's on us — all of us — to create a culture where violence isn't tolerated, where survivors are supported, and where all our young people — men and women — can go as far as their talents and their dreams will take them."

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