Friday, February 13, 2015

It's Your Choice!

"It's your choice if you want to be happy! There's always an answer! God can do anything! I don't want to hear any more complaining from you.

"Sure, you're suffering now, but who's fault is that? You let this happen! You need to take responsibility for your life. No one put a gun to your head and forced you to go around acting like you have. You are the author of your own fate!

"Stubbornness is your problem. You always talked about how stubborn other people are, well, take a look at yourself! Talk about self-oblivious! What makes you right and everyone else wrong? Just what kind of point are you trying to make?

"If you'd only change your perspective you could solve your problems and get out of this mess. There's a wonderful life waiting out there for you if only you'd let it happen! Open your mind!

"There's only so much anyone can do for you. At some point you're on your own. I've given you answers but you refused to accept them. So how can I help you now that you've gotten yourself into this mess? You're wasting your life.

"I guess some people have to die before they believe they are wrong. We are good people and this is a good planet. Anyone can be happy who chooses to and live a long and prosperous life. I wash my hands of you!"

As she walked away in complete and utter moral disgust a bystander was curious as to the source of such an impassioned and radical rant. A witness responded, "She was talking to that Jesus dude up there on the cross. I guess for some reason she was feeling guilty about it."

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