Saturday, February 28, 2015

Why ALL Police Shootings Are Justified!

"It's a war, isn't it? I guess I never really understood that."
- Policeman's widow in Dirty Harry film "The Enforcer"

At a time when outrage over the frequency of police shootings is growing regionally and nationally, the killing of Daniel Brumley on a brisk morning last month in Fort Worth passed by with barely a ripple.
The Star-Telegram printed a few paragraphs on Jan. 17, under the headline “Fort Worth officer fatally shoots man who was stabbing him in leg.” Television news reports were equally brief, sharing basic information released by police –– an officer was hospitalized after shooting an unidentified man who’d stabbed him in the leg shortly after 4 a.m. on Northeast 36th Street in the Diamond Hill neighborhood.
That's right, folks. It's a war out there fighting crime and you gotta pick sides. You can close your eyes and turn the other way or face the gritty reality of automatic weapons coupled with mind altering drugs giving us ersatz killer zombies wandering the streets ready to kill at a moment's notice. I, for one, am not for that. It seems, though, we have some touchy liberals who are.
“I want to know what happened,” she said. “This doesn't seem right to me, honestly. He had no bad intentions.”
Two others won’t be forgetting Brumley either, two people he’d never met. Two people who watched the traffic stop from the darkness of their doorways and say the police version of what happened doesn't match what they saw.
What do we have without law and order? Nothing! You've seen the riots, the chaos and the looting. Without police that is what we'd have 24 hours a day until nothing is left. Is there a worse fate than that? Hard to think of one! Ergo, any fate is better than that. I rest my case - punk.

This is what digging for truth gets us. 
Hope you're happy asshole liberals.

“It doesn’t make sense what happened,” he said. “Daniel was no angel, but that doesn’t fit, him stabbing somebody. I could never see that. And the way he was that night, it makes no sense. It didn’t seem like he was in any kind of mood for that to happen. Why would he take a chance to mess everything up when he had everything going right?”
As in any war there's going to be collateral damage. Can't be helped, sacrifices have to be made. I hope you understand. Those who die as collateral damage are actually heroes, serving the greater good of maintaining law and order and an idyllic life for those not shot. Is it not important to protect and preserve the American way of life?
Another neighbor was watching from her doorway as well, during the whole incident. She too, asked that her identity not be revealed for fear of retribution. But she says the shooting has haunted her for weeks. She broke down crying several times during our interview.
The woman said she was watching from about 70 feet away, with an unobstructed view. She saw no sudden moves by Brumley, no struggle, no lunge, no attack.
Some people actually protest law and order. They want to protect and coddle criminals. They want chaos in the streets because they want to be the chaos in the streets looting and raping and all the other things criminals do. Criminals always protect other criminals.
The police officer shot Brumley four times, once in the head and three times in the torso.
The real question is why don't we celebrate the dead Brumley as a hero?? Even if the officer faked his injury he's still part of what keeps our famous lifestyle the envy of the world. Any time an officer feels threatened he must kill. Are you expecting perfection? You're on the wrong planet for that. Yes, mistakes are made and yes, they must be covered up - unless, of course, you want the forces of chaos to take over!

The ultimate preservation of the American way of life, 
one dead child at a time. Sacrifices must be made!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Total Political Failure

"He's one of them that never learns, he is!"

"Well, he's a learnin' now!"

"Some fools just gots to learn the hard way! Ya poke the bear you gonna git bit!"

"Hey, Mr. Fool, I got one word for ya. Are ya listenin'? Tactics!"

"Well played, sir. Bravo! One must certainly use correct tactics in order to persuade to your enlightened beliefs. Frankly, I don't think this fellow gave it a second thought and thus he got the vote he got."

"He's one of those raving ideologues!! Thinks he knows everything!! Never listens to anyone else!!"

"Them that gets high and mighty is gonna fall. He didn't even try to defend his positions."

"See!! Not practical!! Not realistic!! Pity the fool who's not like me!!"

"Politics is the art of compromise. Give a little, get a little. The man wouldn't budge."

"You know what he was, don't ya? One of them agitators, stirring folks up. And what does he end up accomplishing in the end? Nothin'! Absolutely nothin'!"

"Exactly. One must work within the system provided and change it from within. If one must do a little chicanery to get into a position of power, so be it. If one must do chicanery to stay in power, so be it. It's the only way to effect positive change."

"Extremist!! Radical!! Fanciful idealist!! That's what he is!! I been telling you!! Why didn't you listen to me!!"

"His sort always lose in the end, head piously in the clouds."

"Well, I ain't feelin' sorry for his ass, not one bit. He brought this on hisself. He wasn't ever tellin' folks what they wants to hear. Oh yeah, he'd keep saying, "Good news! I've got good news!" But it looks like bad news for him!"

"Him's got a stubborn neck like I never seen. I coulda told him how to play so he'd win. Know what he says to me? "The truth will suffice." Not hardly! Ya gotta sell it."

"I always sez don't argue with a idiot. Ya can't win and all they want to do is drag ya in the mud."

"Arrogance sits poorly on the uninformed. These poor naive souls thinking they can walk right right in and change the world. It's irresponsible not to be political and his fate certainly bears that out."

"Maniac!! Maniac!! One track maniac!!"

"Like I sez before: Ya get on your high horse thinking you more moral than everyone else and you gonna fall! Pride goeth before a fall!"

"Indeed! Close-minded, sanctimonious, self-oblivious preachers can hope to have no success in the end. If only we could educate their sort they could certainly have some redeeming value. What a waste."

"Eh, he had it coming to him otherwise it wouldn't have happened."

"Haha! That's cold, man! But reality plays no favorites."

"Exactly so. Some say there is no difference between the Pharisees and Sadducees but that is where the real fight is for us grown-ups. He decided to go his own way. Ah well, some just can't be saved from themselves."

"History is littered with the death of fools and history ain't gonna speak well of this one - if it says anything at all."

Friday, February 20, 2015

I Miss You Like A Dog

I miss you like a dog

Left out in the cold

To die;

Running chased down back alleys

Lined with muddied refuse;

Broken glass under my paws

Shards of a despairing world;

The fences too high to jump

Homes I can never reach;

Dogs with homes bark at me

Demanding I keep away;

Draped in a moonless night

Faceless headlights race without mercy;

Hurry, faster, hurry

I've nowhere to go;

I'm needing time

From one I can't need;

Her hand that fed me

I did make bleed;

This untrusted beast

Lives among the least

As my ilk must be;

Banished from her garden

Paradise frost;

If dead dogs could speak

They'd say me a freak;

I dare not follow the sun

For I am not One;

Does the wind seek my death?

Is there no place I can rest?

Streetlight children play

Mirrors of the world;

I stop and watch and stare

In madness gone awry with the lie

Only the innocent are left to give harbor;

They see me, point and laugh

I flee from shouts and whistling rocks;

But how can a dog expect to live

When he's got nothing left to give?

Panting, scurrying, dodging, weaving

My kingdom for a milk bone;

This shitty city without pity

Forces me into woolly woods;

Heavy in my mortal fear

I dare not drop a tear;

Sentinel trees bar my way

Intruder in the mist;

Would she care if she saw me now?

I've lost my right to ask;

Burrowing deep in discarded leaves

Into the next life I shall grieve;

Please tell me she can find me still

Though only Heaven knows my wandering will;

How can I expect life from this fate?

Is water provided to the desert lost?

Nature's justice is truly blind;

The forest chill freezes in silence

Has my presence been noticed?

Has she come for me after all?

I hear a rustling headed my way!

I was wrong to leave and not to stay

I should have faced her, not run away!

Then I see the eyes so wanting me

Oh,'s the wolves.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Part 3: The Wealth Of Nations

Creep show

"I dunno, Petey, this looks like the biggest asshole convention I've ever seen."

"Dude, you got all the heavy hitters there! Tom Hicks, Ross Perot Jr. Hey, look over there, that's Roger Staubach! Can't tell me you've got a problem with him."

Pete wants to put "meaning" in my life, get me involved in Dallas power politics. Sure, Roger's a hero of mine but all the fuckers in this room have nothing better to do than live for their greed - even if it's in an "honest" way like Staubach. I've avoided these sort of social gatherings all my adult life. (I remember them as a kid as my oil man father was thick as thieves with the movers and shakers.) Until now I've felt a sort of latent guilt but viewing this shit up front and personal removes all doubt.

"I really don't want to be here, man."

"Oh, come on! These guys pull all the strings. Want to get something done, these guys can do it. Remember that movie set you wanted to build?"

"The Blade Runner set."

"Yeah, that! These guys can get it done and you won't be blocked like those Fort Worth clowns did to you. Ever read that guy at the Observer bitchin' and moanin' about there's some power circle controlling the city and everyone thinks he's a kook? Well, he's right! If you're not in, you're out. So which is going to be?"

"I'm out," I said, putting down my drink and heading for the elevator. Pete said something as I walked away but I couldn't imagine it having any possible relevance. So much for politics.


The penthouse assumes a strange veneer when you leave the lights off at night. I am its ghost and wanderer as the city lights flicker in oblivious duty. Industrious souls laboring in the skyscrapers deep at night. Who are these people? Are they concocting big deals or simply compiling billable hours or is it even the poor bastard cleaners who have the office lights on? I've longed to know this my entire life but never pursued an answer. I've also wondered just who is better off, me or them?

A purposeless life robs the world of color. That's why it feels so right sauntering through my dark abode. Why pretend? "Lifestyle is not a life." I can say this to no one. Tell it to my money friends and they get bent out of shape realizing how empty their pursuits are. Tell it to those without money and they attack you for destroying their illusions of a moneyed existence. Even those without money stake their happiness on independent wealth. I'm just shouted down.

Some ignorant fuck asked me if the massive drop in oil had put a dent in my finances. "Going to have to sell your Maseratis?" He thought he was really sticking it to me with his vain hope of my losing my prize collection. I answered, "You mean what am I going to do with only 700 million instead of 8?" That pleased him none too much and he'd be even more displeased if he knew truth. I've pulled in a cool 100 mil with this drop.

Gooding 1956 Maserati 250F
This gorgeous Maserati 250F set me back 4.4 mil 
including the auction house premium

Dad never missed a trick and one of those was to prepare for contango, when future delivery prices are higher than the current spot price. Right now, a barrel of oil can be purchased for $61 and sold in December for $67. Problem is you have to have the infrastructure to store it in the meantime. Other assets come into play but that's the gist of it. Had I worked at it like my advisers wanted I could have made 250 mil actually. What the fuck for? Whole point of having money is not to do what you don't want.

As part of a continued teenage rebellion I still donate money to charity through a foundation. Were my father still alive he'd be furious at my "subsidizing laziness". One thing I've noticed: the people I come to hate are invariably pissed at the mention of welfare or charity (unless it's some asinine golfing event that makes them look good). It's the only revenge I have left. I didn't even mention my donations to the Woman Of Fabric even though this is something I actually feel good about. Anyways, in my searching I took a tour of the Austin Street Shelter.

I dressed down and drove an unwashed Acura to appear as well off as some white collar office dude. I gasped as I walked in seeing the sea of cots filling the size of a small aircraft hanger. My tour guide was Becca and she was none too hard on the eyes. She explained it was for men only over 45 as its original intent was to help military veterans. Even with this restriction it maxes out every day.

She also showed me across the street where the transitional living quarters are complete with a computer room for those ready to move into permanent housing. They also keep wardrobe in stock for job interviews, including a big supply of black pants required for many downtown events. These are practical, realistic solutions in a world that expects everyone to have a computer, a cell and slick clothes. I was impressed. Yet I had no way of telling Becca I was as completely homeless as her clients without my massive money. I could never survive any sort of job.

I stand at zero. I look up at the Beccas of the world. In the world of power politics they would laugh at her but the Woman Of Fabric would respect her even as she couldn't me. I feel caught between two worlds. On my perpetually muted big screen flashes news of the world. The Fed has printed trillions of dollars in complete insanity as welfare to the greedy (and so the politicos can claim the economy is "saved") but if one were to mention the idea of simply distributing that money to the masses that would be derided in the strongest possible terms as irresponsible welfare. Yup, we be twisted.

Money, it's a worldwide pursuit, considered by most as a mark of morality even. My life has been a complete waste and if contango continues I'll end up a billionaire. But moral? People like Becca and the Woman Of Fabric and others leading real, purposeful lives could have no possible interest in me. Nations war for wealth but the wealth of a nation can only be the same as the wealth of an individual.

But as I sit here in fractured blackness mulling on my now five year separation from the Woman Of Fabric (and any of her ilk) the definition of wealth has become achingly clear to me. How certain it is that I am homeless. This pain and panic has me wanting to leap off the balcony in my life sentence of useless despair. Wealth, true wealth, is very simple to measure: It's determined by how much you have to offer. And for me, my friends, that would be nothing, a big zero; millionaire scum who'll never be anything more or less than what his mythical bank account numbers say.

Just wait till everyone finds this out.

Monday, February 16, 2015

"Leviathan" Film Review (Two Thumbs Up!)

"God sees everything we do."

Leviathan stands out as unique from any film I've ever seen. Some have traveled down the same road, none have ever gone as far. One could argue it is performance art as the film never shows its true face or even gives a hint. You may believe of it as you wish and in your eyes find no contradiction. This is a film where both a liberal and conservative could walk out of the theater both applauding - though only one can be right, of course.

First, if you do plan on seeing this Russian gem, do not read past this paragraph nor read anything else written of the film. The plot is only a vehicle and in that sense is immaterial. The true beauty of the film lies in its discovery as it slowly unravels. But, if you never look for it, it's never seen! The defeatism that lies in the heart of the Russian soul gives birth to a duality that says both good and evil will win. It's in this chasm this film resides.


The ostensible plot is that of a corrupt mayor of a small scenic village wanting to take the land of a mechanic who owns a most scenic spot. The mayor is working with developers who have big plans for the land with riches for all. The battle has worked its way through the courts with the mechanic on his last appeal. But all is not lost. He has a lawyer friend coming from Moscow to hopefully save the day.

The point of this is to show how power politics trumps legality in Russia. The Mayor will win in court because it's rigged for him to win. But the lawyer drops a name from the national committee that trumps the Mayor. The law is an afterthought and is brilliantly portrayed by a terrifying monotone speed-talking announcement of the court decision. I wondered while watching this how this passed muster with the Russian authorities but that became clear later on.

The Moscow lawyer also has a folder full of corruption of the Mayor. In exchange for this he demands full value for the land the Mayor has taken in court. The Mayor is terrified when he reads the folder, thus exposing himself to the audience as corrupt beyond redemption. Here things take a left turn. Surely the bad guy will fall and the little guy triumph! But this is an observational film, not a statement film.

The Russian Orthodox Church has long been a powerful force in Russia, intertwined in its fabric. It's about as worldly and ungodly organization as you can find. (Putin installing one of his KGB buddies as its head tells you all you need to know. This was also part of the protest Pussy Riot wanted to point out.) As power-seekers, they love to play the games of politics and the local priest advises the Mayor in his dealing throughout the film. With his constant spouting of platitudes it's hard to see where he's coming from at first, but the truth will out.

His first piece of real advice is to play hardball with the Moscow lawyer. "All power comes from God. As long as it suits Him, fear not." The Mayor follows his advice, takes the lawyer to a remote location, has the shit kicked out of him, handcuffs him, then fires several shots point blank just to the side of him. The lawyer is left stranded and we never see him again. But the fun doesn't stop there.

Before being run off, the lawyer has an affair with his mechanic friend's attractive wife. When the wife is found washed up on the shore a few days later the mechanic is taken in as an imprint on the back of her head matches up with a tool in his garage. The mechanic is bewildered by these events like an innocent man would be. At that point he runs into the priest asking for an explanation for the tribulations he's going through.

The priest responds with a brilliant perversion of the story of Job, intimating Job was a questioner of God (he wasn't) and that was what brought on his troubles (to get the mechanic to self-blame). The pervert goes on to explain Job refused to listen to his friends who gave him good advice during his time of woe (actually they dog-piled Job with their meddling so they could feel morally superior). The priest says all this with authority and conviction and the filmmaker gives no hint of disagreement in this portrayal.

The mechanic is sent away for 15 years. It's not until his friends come to adopt his teenage son can we discern the truth. Again, it's subtle and has to be looked for but we can see his son killed his wife (who was his hated step-mother). The boy never reveals that truth and that's the whole point: truth unspoken cannot triumph. We see the mayor cackling at the end with his developer buddies, then standing piously with his family listening to the priest's unholy sermon which seeks to justify the pursuit for power, causing the Mayor to whisper in his son's ear, "God sees everything we do."

Those who search for the truth will see this film as a slick commentary on hypocrisy. Those who do not will see it as a justification for the abuse of power, sort of like Gordon Gekko was a hero to the greedy. Any debate on what this film is about is pointless. Either you get it or you don't. It would be hilarious to hear conservatives' comments in praise of this film never knowing how thoroughly they had been mocked. Jesus said he came here to divide, so did this film.

View on YouTube

Sunday, February 15, 2015

American Sniper: Visiting The Scene Of The Crime (Photo/Video)

Sniper 3
News trucks parked outside the trial court of Kyle's killer

Much has been said of Chris Kyle and his beliefs. My only wish would be for him to be able to speak from beyond the grave and tell us what his beliefs are now. Oftentimes, what binds us together in this world separates us in the next. Time to move on.

Finding purpose in a monetized world is a horrific journey and in frustration we make horrific choices. But God gives no quarter in this regard and harbors no prayer. You pay for your choices 100 cents on the dollar. Sometimes you lose a limb, sometimes you lose your most prized friend, sometimes you lose a life. There's no getting them back - ever. Whatever the pain is, you have to live with it - even if you can't live with it.

Sniper 4
Like every county seat in Texas there is an old-fashioned court house (as seen in the back).
Routh's trial is in new building in the foreground.

Can we really shoot our way to a better world? Is the actual reality that we see the enemy within in the sniper's cross-hairs? Just who is it we can trust without question? What happens when we find instead of burning down the home of our enemy we burned down our own - with no place to where we can return? That's the danger in choosing the path of violence. I'm not smart enough to know who to kill (and not dumb enough to believe anyone who says they are).

None of these questions will be asked at the trial of Chris Kyle's killer. The court is only concerned with whether shooter Routh knew right from wrong at the time he pulled the trigger. No one will ask him if he knew right from wrong when joining the Marines, or when agreeing to fight in a war against a nation that had not attacked us. No one will ask if our leaders at that time knew right from wrong when making false statements that led us to war. The trial will be held in a vacuum to spare the rest of the guilty parties.

Sniper 6

Sniper 1

Stephenville is like many Texas towns in that it has kept its character from over the years. I grew up in a town about the same size of 18,000 but Stephenville is way off the beaten path. The streets are cordoned off during the trial and as I wandered too close near the back an officer shooed me away even though the trial was in recess for the weekend. I thought they were handling the situation well considering they had never expected a show trial of this sort ever to take place.

About 20 minutes south of there is Rough Creek Lodge and Resort, the literal scene of the crime.

No matter what your individual style, Rough Creek Lodge and Resort is a “have-it-all” place for our “want-it-all” guests. Rough Creek Lodge, Resort and Dallas Conference Center is nestled on 11,000 acres in the foothills of the picturesque Texas Hill Country. Located 90 minutes southwest of Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, our exquisite grounds boast 51 stylish guest rooms and suites, 4 exclusive cabins, and 4 luxurious guest houses. Our Dallas lodging is finely decorated with sophisticated fabric, furniture and artwork to create a feel of rustic elegance for our guests.

Sniper 15

Sniper 19

The drive out there was soothing if not spectacular. The open vistas were pleasant and made a little more sense to me on why you would take a PTSD sufferer to a violent gun range. It certainly seems idyllic when you spot the lodge in the distance as it's the place to be for well-heeled rednecks. This I found out when I stopped to take pictures only to be barraged with the sound of gunfire. You can hear it in the video below.

Sniper 17

The shooting range where Kyle was killed is in a remote place from the lodge. Kyle himself help design this particular range. Rough Creek was his home base of sorts, a place where he felt comfortable. No doubt he expected that to rub off on Routh but it had the opposite effect, making him feel like a trespasser. "I heard Mr. Routh say, 'I shot them because they wouldn't talk to me,'" former Erath County sheriff’s deputy Gene Cole testified. In the end, the killing had come full circle for Chris Kyle. To borrow a line from Eastwood: "...and he never questioned any of it."

Sniper 13

As I turned off the highway to the road leading to the lodge, knowing I was seeing what Kyle had seen on the last ride of his life, it did feel a bit eerie. The feeling continued with me when I left as I knew I was retracing the killer's steps as he fled in Kyle's truck. I imagined his poisoned and tormented mind traveling down the road in a world of its own. Routh continued on highway 67 to his sister's house in Midlothian. Then, after making a creepy confession of taking two souls, went to the Taco Bell in nearby Red Oak. One works up an appetite after a double homicide.

Sniper 22
The actual place

How surreal of a moment, ordering fast food while your sister calls 911 in a panic. Routh's pained brain and throbbing pulse holding on to the last vestiges of sanity having committed himself to the road to ruin. Regardless of the court findings, I doubt he'll be a free man ever again. One thing I know for sure, had we not allowed ourselves to be lied into a false war, two men would still be alive and a third not driven to murderous insanity. Give war a chance, huh?

Click here to see the entire photo set

"There's a killer on the road"

Friday, February 13, 2015

It's Your Choice!

"It's your choice if you want to be happy! There's always an answer! God can do anything! I don't want to hear any more complaining from you.

"Sure, you're suffering now, but who's fault is that? You let this happen! You need to take responsibility for your life. No one put a gun to your head and forced you to go around acting like you have. You are the author of your own fate!

"Stubbornness is your problem. You always talked about how stubborn other people are, well, take a look at yourself! Talk about self-oblivious! What makes you right and everyone else wrong? Just what kind of point are you trying to make?

"If you'd only change your perspective you could solve your problems and get out of this mess. There's a wonderful life waiting out there for you if only you'd let it happen! Open your mind!

"There's only so much anyone can do for you. At some point you're on your own. I've given you answers but you refused to accept them. So how can I help you now that you've gotten yourself into this mess? You're wasting your life.

"I guess some people have to die before they believe they are wrong. We are good people and this is a good planet. Anyone can be happy who chooses to and live a long and prosperous life. I wash my hands of you!"

As she walked away in complete and utter moral disgust a bystander was curious as to the source of such an impassioned and radical rant. A witness responded, "She was talking to that Jesus dude up there on the cross. I guess for some reason she was feeling guilty about it."

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Obama: Stopping Rape And Making Dreams Come True!

Hates rape like a Bill Cosby

Obama speaks out against rape in Grammy video

President Obama appeared in a short video during the 57th Grammy Awards on Sunday night to speak out against sexual assault.

"It's not okay — and it has to stop," Obama said.

According to the Washington Post, the public service announcement is the latest installment in the White House's "It's On Us" campaign, which is fighting to end sexual assault on college campuses.

In the video, Obama asks the artists at the Grammys to ask their fans to take the "It's On Us" pledge and vow to help end sexual assault.

At the end of the spot, President Obama says, "It's on us — all of us — to create a culture where violence isn't tolerated, where survivors are supported, and where all our young people — men and women — can go as far as their talents and their dreams will take them."

After hearing such inspiring words many anecdotal stories surfaced of college fraternities claiming to be "no longer horny" and "full of a new self-esteem!" It's such a mystery to me how people continue to sin even after being told "Don't sin!" If only we would listen to our betters.

Tragically, many on the Looney Left were so anxious to prove President Jesus correct they actually swallowed the stories of allegedly reformed rapists, got drunk with them, and, uh, were subsequently raped. That's the problem with acting on political motives: it always involves a form of self-deception. Stupidity, however, is the one crime that never goes unpunished.

Our Dear Leader made his dream come true!

We dream about drones, said 13-year-old Yemeni before his death in a CIA strike

A 13-year-old boy killed in Yemen last month by a CIA drone strike had told the Guardian just months earlier that he lived in constant fear of the “death machines” in the sky that had already killed his father and brother.

“I see them every day and we are scared of them,” said Mohammed Tuaiman, speaking from al-Zur village in Marib province, where he died two weeks ago.

“A lot of the kids in this area wake up from sleeping because of nightmares from them and some now have mental problems. They turned our area into hell and continuous horror, day and night, we even dream of them in our sleep.”

Some radicals might actually describe that as a form of rape. How dare they! Don't they know war is hell? This shit just can't be helped. Whiny worry wart should have enrolled in an American university, especially now that they are rape free.

Much of Mohammed’s life was spent living in fear of drone strikes. In 2011 an unmanned combat drone killed his father and teenage brother as they were out herding the family’s camels.

“I saw all the bodies completely burned, like charcoal,” Mohammed’s older brother Maqded said. “When we arrived we couldn’t do anything. We couldn’t move the bodies so we just buried them there, near the car.”

This is how you keep American greed safe

When the Guardian interviewed Mohammed last September, he spoke of his anger towards the US government for killing his father. “They tell us that these drones come from bases in Saudi Arabia and also from bases in the Yemeni seas and America sends them to kill terrorists, but they always kill innocent people. But we don’t know why they are killing us.

See? He was angry with America. Had to be killed! Besides, President Jesus has special secret knowledge on who should live and who should die so we really can't say anything. Isn't that exciting!! In hero worship we trust.

Some people live in the past and don't realize we have entered the age of Thought Wars and we gots to kill them a'fore they be killing us! Super secret CIA agents read minds from around the world and in their infinite wisdom are able to determine through the purity of their souls who are the enemies of our state. Then it's just a matter of taking them out and if you happen to be close by, meh!

How did the CIA mind readers miss these evildoers??

Recently I heard a spokesman speak out against this sort of wanton destruction, though. It went something like this:

"It's not okay — and it has to stop. It's on us — all of us — to create a culture where violence isn't tolerated, where survivors are supported, and where all our young people — men and women — can go as far as their talents and their dreams will take them."

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The Rent Game

The Rent Game is a game of life and death. It drives men to both great heroics and great destruction. Civilizations rise and fall on the ability to pay rent. The Rent Game is no laughing matter, ruthless to the end and forever without escape. Because of this, its mere discussion is impassioned and vehement - such as anything is that is life and death.

There are five main groups of rent payers. Remember, this is not an easy game but the stakes never change.

1. The Rent Payer. This group is the most sparse. Because they pay their rent they are spared the angst of those who do not. This allows them to be kind and generous. The catch is they do what they want. Many are those who angry, not believing they can do what they want and still pay the rent. Because they are not open to this, they can never enter this group. They cheat themselves, causing them to lie and choose paths of liars.

The Rent Payers fight to preserve life. They rightly can see no other path to survival than to pay. They wish everyone to join them in this dream. They are always fighting for something, never against it. They fight for peace by achieving peace. Who knows peace without having paid the rent?


2. The Lost Renter. Searchers and seekers of becoming a Rent Payer go through many stages. These times can be very dangerous but also very instructive. "Ah, see what I found to pay the rent!" they discover. When they sing this song they join in the message of the Rent Payers. But there also payments missed and one wonders if another payment will ever be made. Lost Renters often turn to drugs - both legal and illegal - to aid them in their plight.

They oscillate in their struggle, hounds of fear nipping at their heels. If they stay in this state of oscillation, they eventually tear in two no matter how many times they come back to pay the rent. Eventually the landlord loses trust. Flowers of cruelty and kindness grow side by side, but only one can grow in the end.


3. Payer Haters. Payer Haters, no matter how much success they see are perpetually angry. This is what the Lost Renters fear to become, that over time having never found what they want they remain stuck doing what they hate - and thus become hate. Not wanting to admit their state, they forever point their finger at who they perceive should be paying their rent.

Blaming others' lack of integrity for their own lack of integrity, they seek to justify their anger in an endless loop of dissatisfaction. They often (sometimes accurately) rant on the injustices of the world to distract from their own. As time passes they lose interest on anything not centering on hate. But they know what they try to justify has no justification.


4. Payer Deceivers. The most horrid fate of all. They appear to be paying the rent but in reality are only racking up debt. Time is not their friend as they live in dread of the day the bill comes due and they are inexorably exposed for having lived a life of deception. Those who trusted them will become outraged, banning them from the premises. This makes the Payer Deceiver very desperate to maintain the illusion as long as possible - even though that only exacerbates the problem.

Having betrayed their own lives, Payer Deceivers crusade to betray others. They are most dangerous when in positions of power. They sell the dream that becomes a nightmare that the bill will never come due. This is very appealing to those who do not wish to pay their rent and that insanity can sometimes grip an entire nation (see: Germany, Nazi). Knowing the anger to come, some are driven to entertain the landlord to keep the final bill at bay - but that makes it no less lethal in the end.


What? You can't work in a massage parlor??

5. The Non-Payers. These are the homeless, doomed to live at the mercy of the other groups. The Payer Deceivers are especially vicious to the Non-Payers seeing the Non-Payers as a more honest version of themselves but having no vested interest to lie. The Deceivers are the most vehement and vocal in their denunciation of the Non-Payers, clinging to the illusion of responsibility they must maintain.

Payer Haters also denounce the Non-Payers though not with same need or force. They do what they hate and "get by", so why can't the Non-Payers do what they hate? Payer Haters socialize their anger, deeming it moral and responsible, and demand it as a mandate. As rapists, they have a particular hatred for justice and peace, preferring war and chaos, seemingly justified in their nihilistic view. Non-Payers to them are but cannon fodder.

Lost Renters are of two minds of the Non-Payers, on one hand understanding and on the other judgmental according to how lost they are. They will feed Non-Payers sandwiches but always demand Non-Payers "find their way", not realizing they speak of their own lost way. Non-Payers are a mirror and each reacts according to his reflection.

The Rent Payers freely share what they have with the Non-Payers. Since it came to them freely they give it freely. Also, they realize that anyone can miss a payment and to provide comfort in the hour of need is necessary to survival as a whole. Their hearts do not hang heavy carrying the weight of the world.


Each of us must pay rent on the life given us. This has been on my mind lately. The concept of monetary rent is an illusion we created as a substitute for the real thing and as an expression for that obligation we don't always meet. With a handful of meaningless papers we exclaim, "I'm paying my rent!" hoping to confuse false rent with real rent and climb the mountain of morality. One day we'll drop this need for a charade of paying false rent and then we'll truly be paying the rent.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Latest In Texas Wackiness (And I Do Mean Wacky!)

Gonna need more blade runners

Like the rest of the country the Republicants used their humanoid form to deceive the willfully deceived and are now running hog wild drunk with wrongly elected power. First order of business was to rig the rules.
"Majority rule, minority rights." It's one of the first axioms you learn in civics, social studies or whatever your elementary school called it. It's part of the American social contract, that those out of power in a legislative body have at least some means to check the actions of those in power.
In the Texas Senate, for more than half a century, the so-called "two-thirds rule" has been that means. At the beginning of each legislative session a blocker bill was passed. To debate any other bill, two-thirds of the Senate, 21 of 31 members, was required to agree to the suspension of regular rules, bypassing the blocker bill. Until Wednesday.
That's when state senators voted 20 to 10 to change the two-thirds rule to the three-fifths rule. Now, only 19 votes are required to suspend regular Senate rules. Republicans hold 20 seats in the chamber.
Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has long been against the rule. In 2007, as a senator, he tried to to kill it, ending up on the wrong end of a 30-1 vote. With his election to the state's No. 2 post in November, however, he finally had the power to get his way, using Senate committee posts to ensure the vote.
And just who is Lieutenant Governor Dan Patty? Why he so dumb he need da guidin' light of that beacon of liberty the Tea Party.

Tea Party members had Dan Patrick’s back during last year’s election.

Now the state’s new lieutenant governor is returning the favor.

Patrick has created a committee, his own Grassroots Advisory Board, to help guide him on hot-button issues such as border security, tax cuts and education reform.

Nearly two dozen grassroots leaders from around the state are gearing up to begin their work.

“I’m both shocked and encouraged by the response of the people,” said Julie McCarty of Grapevine, the co-founder and president of the NE Tarrant Tea Party and a member of the board. “People are so excited they will have a voice.

“I think this will be an open forum where we can share ideas, talk about what we like and don’t like and make suggestions.”

Putting the white in white bread

Scary, huh? Maybe they can dream up an amendment banning Sharia law like them Okies up north. Or maybe like Representative Molly White they can adopt a policy requiring Muslim visitors to renounce terror and swear allegiance to the United States. Too frightening to even imagine what will come out of the witch's cauldron they call a forum. We're heading down the drain with a vengeance from environmental destruction to brain cell destruction.

Yessiree, if you were thinking Texas needed to address its pollution issue, you were right. After all, if Texas we're a country we'd be the seventh biggest polluter in the world. You asked for change and change you got:
In 2007, Texas regulators quietly relaxed the state’s long-term air-pollution guideline for benzene, one of the world’s most toxic and thoroughly studied chemicals. The number they came up with, still in effect, was 40 percent weaker, or less health-protective, than the old one.
The benzene decision was part of a sweeping overhaul of Texas air-pollution guidelines. An analysis by InsideClimate News shows that TCEQ has loosened two-thirds of the protections for the 45 chemicals it has re-assessed since 2007, even though the state’s guidelines at the time were already among the nation’s weakest.
It’s “the most irresponsible action I’ve heard of in my life,” said Jim Tarr, an air-quality consultant who worked for TCEQ’s predecessor agency in the 1970s. “I certainly can’t find another regulatory agency in the U.S. that’s done that.”
The decision by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality was a boon for oil refineries, gas drillers, and other benzene-emitting facilities, because it allowed them to release more benzene into the air without triggering regulatory scrutiny. But it defied the trend of scientific research, which shows that even small amounts of benzene can cause leukemia. The American Petroleum Institute, lobbyist for some of the nation’s largest benzene producers, privately acknowledged as early as 1948 that the only “absolutely safe” dose was zero.
Polluter: “I want [my son] to be just as 
"protected" as every other kid in Houston.”

Meh, what's a little leukemia between friends? Seems a new sociopath has been put in charge of upping the pollution cuz he's "a good scientist who takes his job seriously". Talk about those with the worst of motives having the strongest convictions. What with fracking causing unprecedented earthquakes and more importantly devastating our already stretched water resources, Texas will one day be held up as an example of an environmental nightmare committed in the name of wholesale greed and lust.

Yup, the rapists are riding high in these parts where the roots of ultra-conservatism run deep, dark and twisted. This has brought a level of self-paranoia to towering new heights all but destroying the last vestiges of satire. Hard to top stupidity with over-the-top mockery when that's already happening in real life.

A nine-year-old boy's love of The Lord of the Rings has gotten him in trouble with a power more terrible and despotic than Sauron himself: school administrators.

The boy, Aiden Steward, was suspended by officials at Kermit Elementary School in Kermit, Texas, after he tried to make a classmate disappear using his magic ring.

Since Steward was not in possession of the One Ring To Rule Them All, his attempts at dark magic failed. Still, administrators considered it a "terroristic threat" and had no choice but to take action.

It's always "no choice!" isn't it? (On the day of reckoning they will hear that phrase again  - much to their horror.) Yes, folks if you want to terrorize a Texan simply flash your LOTR ring at them and watch them flee for their lives. Just can't make this stuff up!

Dark days are coming. Many will be the victims. Hell's demons have been set loose - and they all carry a Bible in disguise. Wait too long, God, and there'll be nobody left.