Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Watching The (Gas) Monkeys

Gas Monkey 1

Anyone who watches the reality show "Fast N' Loud" knows that it's based here in Dallas. Gas Monkey Garage builds hot rods and resto-mods with flair and flamboyance. Their place is easy to find and get to and they opened up a gift shop in the front end of the store to feed their fans. Anytime you drive by a smattering of fans can be found out front. The crowd was larger than usual last Friday because they posted the monkeys might be available for mingling.

Gas Monkey 3

A transport was being loaded for the famed Barrett-Jackson auction next month in Phoenix. Literally hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cars will pass through. Gas Monkey wanted to "get them some of that" so from what I understood they were taking nine cars. They don't always have a lot of success at auctions, though. But if you attend only one auction in a year, the Barrett-Jackson one is the one to attend.

Gas Monkey 10 Aaron stopped for every person who wanted a picture.

Blackness in enveloping me in my now empty world and I had to get out of the house before losing my mind. I have come to find too late that the greatest gift in life is sharing and giving. Wealth is determined by what you can give of yourself. Into the abyss I have been thrown. In a desperate attempt to cheer myself up I headed out to see the scene. It helped a little. They have a good camaraderie at the shop and a good vibe you can feel. I was somewhat envious but at least distracted a bit for a while. Unfortunately, on the drive back the darkness swallowed me back up.

I managed to catch a few monkeys on video. First time I've seen them actually filming:

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