Monday, December 22, 2014

The Alphabet Game

In the beginning was the Creator, and from the Creator derived the various Spirits of Design, one of which was the Spirit of Wisdom. The Wisdom Spirit designed an alphabet from which one day could be built languages which would derive communication and the living arts. Although it can not be known until the full alphabet is revealed, once full revelation is achieved harmony is also achieved.

Across the newly minted planet a few letters were revealed to each of the various lands. "ABC" to one, "FGHJKL" to another, one only got "Z". The Creator was very happy with the job of the Wisdom Spirit as the final solution was a journey of self-discovery that taught the wisdom for eternal life. With anxious hearts they watched the planet begin its journey.

But faith in the Creator was both rare and reviled. Having failed to piece together the alphabet, the unharmonious planet fell into chaos and despair. "What is the point of living? I see nothing but perpetual strife!" wailed the masses. The lands granted the greatest number of letters also had the greatest understanding. But they abused that understanding only to make war on lands of fewer letters. In this no wisdom was to be found.

When the FGHJKL land conquered the Z land the inhabitants of the Z land were no longer allowed express that letter. Conservative overlords of the FGHJKL land felt that was the best way to preserve their power. They thanked the Creator of FGHJKL for giving them the power to rule and in this way made themselves holy in their minds. But harmony did not come no matter how much they persecuted those who still believed in Z.

The more you tighten your grip the more 
star systems will slip through your fingers.

Heated warfare erupted between the lands, each one claiming only their letters counted and were the true letters of wisdom. Insecurity from their path ate out their hearts in dismay no matter how many battles won, though. This happened even as each land fought in the name of harmony. Confusion clouded their minds, giving way to endless debating of finding an answer without full revelation of the letters. "It's not practical to hope for that kind of cooperation between the lands. We must be pragmatic."

Eventually one land made a breakthrough. Instead of suppressing the letters they conquered they added them to their understanding. With this greater understanding they became the most powerful nation on earth. But their desire for power was greater than their desire for wisdom. Seeing that if they kept adding on letters until all were known they'd lose their power as harmony would rule, they stopped their conquests thinking they could be satisfied with the understanding they had already gained.

But it was only by the growth of adding letters they maintained their rule as they began to fall into rot and decay. During this time many false prophets rose up to "save" the land and return it to its glory - no extra letters needed! But no matter how much faith they put into the treasonists the decay continued unabated. This brought about great consternation. "The Creator has abandoned us!" "The Creator wants us to be evil!" "The Creator does not even exist!" But these things were only said because the full alphabet had not been revealed.

Clinging in fatal stubbornness to their ignorance and denial, the planet was doomed. The Wisdom Spirit sighed. "They're fucking morons! They suffer for no reason! It's all self-made! What in heaven are we going to do?" But the spirit of wisdom knew the answer as soon as the question was asked. "Either they will listen to me or crucify me." The outcome, however, was already known or the trip would not be necessary in the first place. But those willing to hear must be divided from those who were unwilling so they could be saved.

"I bring you good news! Your suffering can end! Simply put together all your letters of understanding around the world and harmony will beat your swords into plowshares. The truth shall set you free. It takes only the faith of a mustard seed."

But instead of celebration came rebellion. "He's saying we're fucking morons killing each other for no reason. Well, I refuse to believe that! We can't be that stupid. There must be some validity to not sharing our letters! One thing I know for sure: if that soul speaks one more word I'm going to lose it!"

So in order to keep from looking like morons, they rejected peace and harmony, protected their lies and crucified the truth-teller. So enraged were they, anyone who simply agreed with the truth-teller was also killed and tortured in the worst way possible. "We cannot let them destroy civilization!" This was said though civilization had yet to be attained - and could never be attained without full revelation of the alphabet.

Epilogue: The weight of truth eventually crushed the planet over time - even as it was viciously slandered and rebuked the more apparent the truth became. "It's a fantasy! The idea of truth is a fairy tale! There's no point in sharing our letters. Why let the other side win? We'll be condemned by history!" In this way they hoped to escape responsibility and not be condemned but in reality ensured it.

Once the full alphabet was revealed, a collective "Oh" went out. "So that's what it means." As the "reasons" for not sharing disappeared, the planet reversed its inversion putting those who'd revered the truth first and the liars last. Finally building on the rock the builders had rejected, there was no going back from the new realization and true civilization was born. Woohoo!

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