Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Emperor Obama"

Well, the Republicants are squealing like stuck pigs. Yo-Momma Obama put the screws to them like he should have been doing all along. Funny we aren't seeing more praise from the Obamabots. Maybe it's because they are the same as one highly vocal supporter who gushed effusive accolades for Obama's lack of principle. Guess there really are those who see principles as the enemy and the enemy as deliverers. Karma has an answer for that.

When dealing with a bent lot like the current crop of Republicants (who are gradually losing their human form more and more every day - but will anyone notice??) the truth is they are actually ripe for the picking in political terms. The fruit is hanging so low it practically hits you on the head. They are in such overextended positions even the slightest acts of humanity will do them in.

That's exactly what happened with immigration amnesty. After the despicable post-election wailing of "I hear you", our President actually backtracked from that stance into one far more upright. Usually when the Republicants threaten to call him bad names Obama prostrates himself like a prom queen at homecoming. "King", "Emperor", "Meanie" - they rolled out the works hoping to scare him off. This time whitey lost.

Holding a piece of future kindling

The cretins are threatening to legislate a reversal of the order. Go ahead! This will do the one thing they absolutely, positively, no-way-in-heaven-or-hell want to do: define themselves. If legislation passes rolling back the order the Rethugs will be forever branded as anti-immigrant and anti-family to the fastest growing segment of the population. Oops! But it's either that or capitulate in one form or another to the Great Black Satan. Gee, what's an asshole to do?

So yes, doing the right thing is divisive, it forces people to make a stand, to come out into the open. Jesus made it very clear he came here to divide. But let's face it, most of us don't want to be exposed like that, to have the whistle blown on us so-to-speak. And Lord knows this President has shown a special antipathy for whistle-blowers - those doing wrong (especially in the name of doing right!) always do. And that's why we see little to no outrage for truly dictatorial behavior.

It's true when Obama came into office he made his stance very clear that the rule of law has no place in his administration. Law enforcement would piss off all the criminals and he couldn't have that since he needed to "bring us all together." What a high state of delusion that is! But to finally admit that there are those above the law - regardless of harm done - really does take the cake. Guess that's one way to get the criminals on your side!

Until May, large financial institutions investigated for wrongdoing had dodged criminal prosecution under the Obama administration, despite evidence from federal regulators and prosecutors showing that big banks had, for instance, laundered money for suspected terrorists and drug cartels; manipulated interest rate benchmarks; rigged various commodities markets; mislead investors in mortgage-linked securities; duped homeowners into taking out expensive mortgages; manipulated municipal debt markets; and broke state and federal rules when attempting to seize homes after borrowers fell behind on their payments, a scandal that became known as "robosigning."

But until Friday, no senior federal official had acknowledged this was explicit U.S. policy.

“We were not willing to find those firms guilty before, because we were worried that if we found them guilty, that could somehow potentially destabilize the financial system,” Dudley said. “We've gotten past that and I think it's really important that we got past that.”

I won't bother debating the veracity of the "got past it" quote or the laughable idea dozens of CEOs will be indicted for their felonious behavior. We have crowned the bankers as de facto kings of our society - something with which only the "impractical" radicals have a problem. Unfortunately, it seems only time will educate the rest of the populace as to the "pragmatism" of making these fuckers our rulers and deciders of our fate. How many homeless children does it take before we change course?

Good guys don't need no stinkin' warrant!

And of course when our President truly acts as a king - in the direct taking of life in extrajudicial manner - we hear not a peep from the Republicants who can't wait to be scrawling out their very own Kill Lists before going to bed at night. Pretenders on the left say, "Good Daddy is only killing the bad guys to make us safe!" Those on the right declare, "Yippee! We get to kill people!" Way to go uniting the emotional twelve-year-olds with the emotionally disturbed.

41 men targeted but 1,147 people killed: US drone strikes – the facts on the ground

Ah yes, it's a beautiful world. Corruption must be protected to keep our corrupt society going. Fear has us lashing out wildly across the globe taking out anyone in whom we see ourselves. And any acts of humanity must be mercilessly and relentlessly attacked at all costs. Don't need a prophet to tell us how this turns out!

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