Monday, September 29, 2014

This Is How Fascism Happens

Military makes us safe!

As the microscope on security, and almost every single avenue of it, continues to move from subject to subject, Apple’s now raising concerns with the Director of the FBI, James Comey, in regards to iOS 8’s encryption settings and Apple’s marketing of them.

According to a report published by the Huffington Post, Comey has been in talks with Apple recently regarding the encryption settings within iOS 8, and the fact that the company does not have the means to access any kind of data on a device running iOS 8, especially after a protection code has been implemented. As Comey puts it, Apple is “marketing something expressly to allow people to place themselves above the law.

These comments, and the talks that the FBI is having with Apple, are in direct relation to the changes that Apple has made within iOS 8. Specifically, iOS no longer stores encryption keys for devices within the mobile operating system itself. This means that it’s impossible for Apple to unlock content on devices, even under the request of the police:

“Apple said last week that it would no longer be technically feasible to unlock encrypted iPhones and iPads for law enforcement because the devices would no longer allow user passcodes to be bypassed."

"It's the car's fault!"

"My car was running until it broke!" That's the mentality of a majority of our society. They just want the car to run - but not to maintain it. If it starts then everything must be fine! When it finally breaks, act all innocent and confused. "Don't know how this could have happened! Big mystery!" Also, if these geniuses see you taking your car in to be serviced they get really angry and sarcastic. "Moron! Don't see me doing that and my car runs fine!"

I really, really, really don't want to live with those people. God bless the day when Nature finally extinguishes them.

And so it is with an eroding democracy. We already have economic fascism, time to clamp the rest of the cuffs on. After all, when you're an evildoer you naturally live in fear as it's your desire to see people as limited as possible for the coming reprisals. Another thing evildoers must be is magicians. "Hey, look at those evildoers over there!" Makes you come off as a real patriot - to the morons.

But in order to believe we're a good people we must by extension believe we have a good government (which is why Congress has low ratings but my incumbent needs to be re-elected). Therefore, to be good citizens we must heed the wishes of authority. (Of course, by that standard none of our founding fathers were good citizens). So we keep letting the chains get tighter and tighter because fascism can "never happen here! Nothing to worry about. The government is run by angels."

Armies, weapons, secrets, rendition, torture, police states, snipers, surveillance - none of those things make us safe. There's only one thing you can do to help be safe (as one one is never truly safe), and this not fucking people. A clear conscience is the only protection anyone can have. None of the commenters below has a clear conscience:


so basically isis, al queda, anf korosan terrorists are going to be lining up to buy these bad boys. not to mention child porn traffickers and drug cartels. i can just the unintended consequence here. terrorist is arrested and he knows where the location of a bomb is that will kill thousands. that is on his brand new iPhone 6. after the deaths apple and google will have to explain.


And now we'd like Apple to find your child's kidnapper for you instead, as we can't decode the contents of this phone.


This isn't good. I don't care if they listen to my phone sex as long as they find victims and potential terrorists. This world is getting worse day by day. Thumbs down Apple and Snowden!


Brian, did you bother reading the article? Even with a warrant, Apple will refuse to provide the required information, claiming they're an innocent third party. This device serves no special purpose other than to allow terrorists and criminals to communicate freely.


This will completely enhance the Apple brand. All drug dealers and prostitution rings will use them as well as require their clients, child porn rings as well. Also inside stock traders and corporate price fixers, stock manipulators, collusionists and corporate spies from any nation. Might as well add black money donors and many politicians. Certainly state spies from any nation. Of course terrorists but there are far fewer of them to add to Apple's bankbook than the previously mentioned groups


"Hey, Apple! Use me in your commercial!"

oh this is great news for the drug cartels,Al Qeada,ISIL,and all those repub-lickins that hate America. NSA locked out......but Google and Apple will follow you into the public toilet and sell that information. great.....just great....... our intelligence service was actually doing a pretty good job detecting threats to our nation and the world and this gives those who want to harm us a secret way of communicating. if your not doing something illegal why worry about the NSA ? google apple aol at&t ect all are tracking you and selling that info ....the NSA and other government agencies do not sell info they collect. worry about all those agreements you sign to log on to a website .....but not the NSA . just my opinion.


Judi Kertes Exactly -- Government may 'spy on everybody', but it doesn't take them long to realize it when they're spying on people who have no reason to be spied upon, and then turn their gaze elsewhere where the time and effort expended on the spying might actually do some good.


My personal view: this is an excellent promotional concept to spike sales amongst terrorists and traitors. Otherwise, what's the incentive for consumers just looking to purchase the latest cell phone gadgetry?


I am 100% OK with the Obama or any administration collecting and storing the phone numbers I have called from my cell phones or landlines. I am 100% OK with the NSA collecting and storing the email addresses to which I have emailed. I am 100% OK with these because I cannot think of a scenario where I can be harmed by such surveillance. If someone here can think of one, why don't you share it now. Tell us how an innocent and law abiding citizen can be harmed by the NSA recording the numbers that have called.


Snowden and now Apple have made it harder to catch the bad guys. We are less secure. I think Congress should vote to decide if it should be illegal do sell or use this phone in the United States.


"Encrypt this!"

By doing this Apple leaves itself wide open to lawsuits by victims of crime where perps have used the iPhone to keep information about the crime secret. During the time it would take law enforcement to decipher the information horrific damage could be done. For example, I can easily see where the parents of kidnapped or murdered children would sue them if the perp got off because information about the crime was encrypted and could not be presented in court. If terrorists use this, and it is dead certain that they will, the victims of the terrorist attack can also sue and win in court because Appl's encryption actually abetted the crime by giving the terrorists more time to act. This is a clear cut case of Apple obstructing justice in the case of crimes being committed and making the dumb excuse that it is all the user's fault. It is exactly like a person selling a gun to a known felon and then making excuses when that gun is used in a mass murder. In this case Apple is one dumb corporation.


How wonderful these agencies are that take your private information, physical location and dispense it to the world, bartering with others for it, profiling you, so that you might be able to see the playoffs and be entertained. No, not the CIA or Obama but your cable company, your Apple..but wait ...YOU'VE got to stop data collection by a benign government that doesn't care about you and wants to detect deathly attacks. That's Snowden's sell you dreams of your invincibility....See? How powerful we are again? Wolf tickets. Remember Boston Marathon..or do you not identify with your fellow Americans any more?


Yes sir, officer, I'm just so sweet and innocent I can't imagine you ever doing anything wrong. People who lie like that are the real traitors. The Bush and Obama groupies espouse Orwellian messages that submission is freedom. "Isn't it great to think our leader is Jesus? Stay faithfully blind!" Snort the poppies and sleep. This is not just another snake cult.

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