Sunday, April 06, 2014

My Job Eating Dog Food

Ever see a moneylender crucified? Enough said.

People are monsters. They think they aren't, but they are. They all think they're Jesus on a stick ready to lick. Even the people who say they hate Jesus believe that. I knew Jesus. Jesus was a close personal friend of mine. You're no Jesus.

Eating dog food for a "living" is like living in a house made of shit. You have to live inside it but you never get used to the smell. People tell me I can get jobs eating different dog food - as if that's some sort of solution! Really? I hope you die.

Everyone's against me. Everyone's against themselves. I know what God will do if I stop hurting myself. Death. Death in the worst, most horrific way possible. Jesus refused to hurt himself so he had to pay the price. It wasn't the Jews who killed Jesus. It was you dog food fuckers, you "people of faith". Faith in what, asshole?

You can't say you don't like eating dog food or the hysterics come fast and furious, wailing to the heavens I'm destroying your precious lies. The weeping and gnashing of teeth is instantaneous and uncontrollable: the true face of the dog food lovers. Who can live with you? Nobody. I can't even say I hate eating dog food. You know why? Because you know it's true. This is you.

You pretend to like it so you can force
others to do it. Die soon, please.

Want a "challenging" career? Then eat two bowls instead of one! That's mighty white of you. Double down on the lies. Keep pretending you're making things "work". Assassins. That's how assassins think: "I can't be wrong. Do more killing!" Your unexamined life is not worth living with.

I get it. It's all about the rape. Rapists only want to hear their victims in private. In public, you say there must be something wrong with me. In private, you gut people like a pig. People are the worst kept secret ever. Everybody is already known. The time not admitting that is running out and will soon be gone forever. What you gonna do then, Alpo breath?

People vote themselves to be Jesus but Jesus would never vote: too much faith in the natural order of things. Why should I need tend to an honest man's business? But the dishonest man must answer to himself too. I cannot answer for anyone but me. Everyone needs to get down off their hind legs and reflect. Good things will happen - just not for the way of forced dog food eating.

Yes, I am a heretic. "Love is all you bleed" is the assassins' creed. Death is holy and wanting to live a sin. "Give me an essay on how we can make death work. Good boy, Billy! We're going to give you a new TV! Not bad for your useless old soul, huh?" Everyone's a winner, baby. Whoever cashes in the most for their soul wins. Arf, arf!

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