Monday, May 21, 2007

My Conversation on Hardball

(FYI: photo has been faked by a liar)

Chris Matthews can raise some pointed questions on his show - even if he doesn't always get a direct answer to them. Questions pointed enough, in fact, to concern even the Vice President of the current administration. Funny. But he's also politically blind. If you're skilled at perverting the truth for political aims (isn't that a sad life??) then you're a valid guest in Chris's eyes. That's why liars love getting on these mainstream shows as they giggle inside how they're putting one over on unsuspecting ears. They just pray no one calls them out for the bunk they are selling.

Here's the transcipt of my cameo:

Me: See, Chris, it’s like this: you get these partisan guys on here and they’ve got nothin’ to say! “My side is right. Their side is wrong.” And that’s it! Who cares.

CM: I know what you’re saying but I’m here to ask those guys the tough questions and challenge them on their positions.

Me: But their answers are bull! You get some shill on here for a candidate and you ask him, “Can your guy win?” and the shill always says – surprise, surprise! – “Yes!” –

CM: Yes, but –

Me: - And then you go, “But sir, your candidate has been dead for three months now! How do you expect him to serve out his term? In a coffin?” So the shill replies, “What you’re going to find is a man who is consistent and unchanging in his stance. We believe this is a platform worth carrying on. Blah, blah, blah.” It’s theater of the absurd.

CM: What do you want me to do? Not let them reply? They gotta answer the questions!

Me: To me, the whole problem is the debate format…

CM: But that’s what I’m here for: debating the issues!

Me: Right, so the perfect scenario for you would be what? Jesus and Satan on prime time debating right and wrong?

CM: That would definitely be the greatest show of all time!

Me: Wrong! It would be the dumbest show of all time. It presupposes evil is a valid point of view. A debate legitimizes BOTH points of view by the mere fact both are being represented. Evil is a form of insanity, and insanity is not a valid stance to take. Boot the perverts off the show. Thinking is allowed in real life!