Thursday, December 14, 2017

Down For The Count

Neiman Window Red

It happened by accident - as is usually the case with revelation.

I got caught in a plate glass window downtown.

I was looking at a store Christmas display. A family came up beside me. Then I saw my true reflection in the mirroring glass.

The comparison was stark.

So that's what I look like.

Lost. Nowhere Man. Mr. Oblivion.

Nightmares have been increasing, growing stronger. I'm missing too many important people. I feel hunted by guilt. I lost my plausible self-deniability in that glass.

I felt the urge to strike, to destroy the reflection, to vilify the press. But would that make me any prettier?

No one knows I died when Emily left. It's a state secret I can't hide on my face. People know. It's all been a waste of time. The sun left with her, my stepping stone to life. I've been writing only from memory of a face that no longer exists. Happy Revelation Day.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

#Metoo? How about #Youtoo!

I had no idea it was so easy to bang starlets, walk around with your dick out, or even wantonly hit on high school cheerleaders. Shit! I've been missing out all these years! Not one to be left out, your man Harry is up to the task. Feel my power!

"Harry, only thing powerful 'bout you is your B.O.!"

OK, so Gretchen isn't impressed. But have you seen these other guys?? They must be using some sort of Jedi mind tricks I don't understand to get these women to do what they do. "Yeah, that's right, honey, you need to read that part NAKED!" I just ask to go out to a movie and get told to go fuck myself. Can somebody please tell me where all the unempowered women are?? I can't find them for shit. Hollywood babes, Olympic gymnasts, hot coworkers - these other guys are having their way! Hey girls, when is it my turn??

Read where that morning host guy making 28 mil a year is feeling bad ("broken") sitting in his home in the Hamptons. Hey, pal, I'll trade places with you anytime! You can be the midnight janitor the office girls laugh at and I can be the disgraced multi-millionaire raunching my way around. I guarantee you HR is all over my ass if anyone complains about me. Everyone knows that if you're guilty of having a dick then you must be guilty! Case closed!

So what's the secret, ladies? How can I put you under the spell of my power? Most of these guys didn't win the lottery on charm and looks. I made me a producer card. Is that good enough for ya? Or maybe I need me a D.A. card! "Hey, lady, give me your teenage daughter in the name of the law!" Someone really got that to work?? Jesus, I must be doing something wrong. At this rate I'll never able to cause a #metoo moment.

"Come hither and feel my respectful power!"

So how can I break into that world where women don't use the power of sex against you? "City girls just seem to find out early how to open doors with just a smile." So I guess the whole "bad boy" era is over now and women are finally choosing the "nice guy" that has traditionally lost out since the beginning of time. Woohoo! Bitches be demanding respect! From now on all us guys will be prim and proper and watch the girls go wild! War between the sexes is finally over.

Don't watch or you'll be scarred for life!

Sunday, December 03, 2017

In The Name Of...

Origins of ATT

"I saw the war today - and it's a good one. One that God wants." She is one who worships the world in the name of God. Driving in her luxury isolation tube, she passes telephone poles piercing the bodies of crucified poor who wriggle in silent agony outside the soundproofing of her gleaming glass as gospel music emits in death minor. "The war on the poor must be!" she surmises in the worldly wisdom of rejected religion. In tithing she rationalizes: "To do a great wrong, do a little right."

"You cannot help the poor by helping them. They have to earn it!" She keeps her face buried in the trough of greed, filth and waste dripping from her soul as mutual pigs snort and nod in understanding of the unspoken conspiracy. In the daily supermarket of delivered goods thorns of the world dig deep into the heads of cashiers, tears of blood running down their smiling faces in quiet desperation. For their efforts as willing victims of war, she always says Thank You.

"God wants good things for me, I'm loved so much for my faith! The more you have, the more godly you are. Look at my monstrous mansion!" She giggles marvelously delighting in the bounty of billions of sadistic slaves toiling in doomed duty of planet servitude. But to find a dangling thread from her tailored shirt is cause for wailing without hope or hindrance of worldly injustice lamenting lands and peoples lacking her integrity, godlessness in the unenlightened hinterlands.

"Look at the soul God has bought for me! The sun rises for us, the chosen ones. If it were not good, it would not be allowed to be - just like the tax bill!" she observes from the perch of her tilting San Fransisco condo. In the living room resides a mountain of gold ingots descended from Moses; an irrefutable wealth in the eyes of Man. She places her hands and knees on consecrated Berber in impassioned supplication. "Forgive me, holy ingots, for I have sinned, holding pure thoughts that would destroy this wonderful world. In God's gold we trust!"

"My love of God will never die! I relentlessly ensure the maid polishes the silver to the highest standards. My will be done." Her Facecrook page lays littered with morality bites to be digested for lesser lives - while implying her previous conquering of such - as AI software diligently scans in the background for forbidden bare breasts to keep the world pure. Her skyline savior bursts in lighted glory as sewers fill with homeless vomit. The Son also rises in hidden waiting pounce.

"Breathe deep my gathering gold. From my comfort throne thorns of the world are the devil's demise. A Rolls-Royce soul parts the unwashed masses in revered awe. Sweatless saints are carried by stained sinners to a place of virtuous vice. I rule in contaminated contentment with my radioactive Rolex, voting jaded Jesus into office to preserve the reverence of my reign. Reject the Maker whose art is in heaven, hollow be Thy name, revelation devastation is Thy game. I ask you: in a world that lives to screw, what else can one do?"

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Follow The Love

This photo still pisses some people off. Good.

"Love is the biggest issue."
- Yoko Ono

Apparently I'm due a Nobel Prize. Some schmuck figured out human emotions play a role in economic decisions and that people aren't logical robots tied to their seeming economic interests. Damn messy humans! Who knew?? That's still light years behind what I've been saying: "There are no economic problems, only moral solutions." I made that comment years ago at HuffPo and got duly roasted, of course. People are searching, scratching, screaming for anything, something, whatever, that has meaning outside of love. Threaten that illusion and they come after you with pitchforks.

But like Gandhi said: "Truth is one, paths are many."

Every life's driving force is love. Facing that is the key to understanding human nature and the universe we live in. Once you realize someone is committing an insane act because of love, it puts it in a different light. Caligula's supporters ostensibly hate people of color (because they fear anyone they see as different won't love them) and since Caligula boy wants their love he thusly abuses people of color; birds of a moron feather. What you begin to see is not just the evil being done, but the sad, desperate motives behind it. In the end, if you dig deep enough, it's always about love.

A successful con man is someone who knows what you won't admit to yourself. "I don't need love" is the phrase con men most love to hear. They will agree with you, egg you on. They'll tell you that people who say you do need love are your enemy - and in that way the con man earns your love. Then he gets you to vote for him, send him money, or whatever kind of support he's after. As long as you fail to be honest with yourself, the con man holds you in his grip. Their role in life is to trip you up, right or wrong. Whoever holds your love holds the power.

"They know the truth but they won't admit it." A TV pundit spoke those words regarding our elected cowards' fear (on both sides of the aisle) of rebuking Caligula. But that reflects us as a whole, as well. Say the wrong thing, lose your love! All our decisions are based on keeping love - including economic decisions as Igor figured out. Love is the one straight line that connects everything - no matter how much we try to pretend otherwise that we are being "logical" or "practical" or some other horseshit. Heaven sees our silly charades as we strike poses for love. We can't help ourselves.

We've set up false realities where we can "win". He's good at football - then commits suicide. He's a lucky millionaire - then shoots 200 people. We have all sorts of fake unreality winners. But love always bites in the end. Wait for it. The need for self-expression never fails. There's a reason many lottery winners piss away all their cash. They fear the guilt of getting something undeserved will also prevent them from being able to deserve love. The pull is irresistible and unyielding into the Light. Resistance truly is futile. People are puzzles, it's true, but every solution is the same. What a relief when we are finally one under the sun. Then we'll know the true meaning of power.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

How To Say 'Fuck Off' 10 Different Ways

In a dog-eat-dog society there's nothing worse than a fellow dog needing help. But just because we are the assholes who dreamed up this nightmare world doesn't mean we want to come off as the assholes who dreamed up this nightmare. Can't pay your rent? "Fuck off!" It's the universal reply. But the compulsion to believe we're good people forces us to disguise our answers as we cheerily wave goodbye to our friends marched off to concentration camps.

So how to pretend to care when one really doesn't give a shit? There's an art to it, and if executed properly allows one to be cloaked in morality whilst giving the finger. Beautiful! Below are a few of my favorite examples I've heard while left dying in the road. It's good to know we think the best of ourselves and perhaps these phrases will come in useful in one's daily charade. Translation in parentheses.
  1. God can do anything! (So I don't need to do anything)
  2. Be optimistic. Things always work out in the end! (You'll be fed in debtor's prison)
  3. I have faith in you! (Especially after the cocksucker says you have to finish waxing the entire hallway in one night)
  4. Tomorrow is another day! (Of late rent fees)
  5. Surely, there's someone who can help! (i.e. anyone but me)
  6. We live in the greatest economic system in the world! (Must be something wrong with you)
  7. You should try asking them for mercy! (Because you'll get none from me)
  8. You should double check your situation. Maybe you're fine after all! (That will give me time to distance from you)
  9. Think of it as a character building experience! God never gives you more than you can handle. (I promise to attend your funeral after the suicide)
  10. People do win the lottery, ya know! (Fuck off)
See, the problem isn't too many mass shootings, but not enough. Take out 20-30% of the population and soon the message gets through we're all in this together regardless of any fake rules we make up that we pretend are life and death. In the meantime, have a nice day while dying!

Friday, November 17, 2017

If Groping Is Bad Then How Bad Is Rape?

Show me a capitalist and I'll show you a pervert!

With everyone getting up on their holier-than-thou hind legs recently I've yet to hear an inkling of an ethics panel grilling for the large scale rape of millions of people. Why is that? When did rape become OK? Of course, the real question is: when hasn't rape been OK?

These rapists shown above are animals, thieving monsters literally applauding and cheering the havoc and hell they hope to wreak. Just what does it say about us as a country we let people like this roam the streets freely? And if you think hikacking a person's money does not constitute rape, then let me educate you. Simply give up all your worldly wealth and let me know how that works out for you. Don't worry, you don't actually need to BECAUSE I ALREADY FUCKING KNOW! You will become an object of scorn and derision, outcast and dreamless, unable to support a family, your health and pain an afterthought, and your future forfeited. And this is a rape that does not end until you are dead.

"Many who are first will be last and many who are last will be first."

We are objectified from birth, commodities to be bought and sold on the open market. "Winners" bring a high price and "losers" bring a low price - or so we tell ourselves. Have you ever looked at the cells in your body and thought any one less important than another? Such is it for every soul on this planet. God help the poor ignorant bastard who thinks he or she is smart enough to determine who should have food and who should not. Because your sorry ass will be the first to starve in heaven. This may sound like philosophy to you now but the coming reality will strip every capitalistic bone out of your body - or die, thank God.

Like I said before, sex is the great exposer of just how phony our "morality" is. Show a dick to a child and we'll get out the torches in pretended righteous anger. Take away a sick child's healthcare to die in agony and all you get is some feckless barking from the edges. We don't give a fuck, we really don't. We're just going to ride this ship until it sinks no matter who suffers or dies along the way. We'll demonize sex and lionize rape - because naturally rapists equate sex with evil since that's what they know.

So posture all you want and win all the economic arguments of the fiction we've created and how selfishness is "reality" and all the rest of the brainwashed garbage you want to spew. Because you're going to eat it, bitch, getting double the shit you handed out. Laugh and applaud and cheer how your "side" has won, you kool-aid drinking morons. These are the worst of times with the worst yet to come. And by the time your own ass is due to face the unspeakable nightmare we've constructed it will be too late.

Fools will tell you to follow the money to understand human behavior but if you really want to know, follow the love. This mine eyes have seen.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

What would YOU ask Roy??

God bless Roy "the Boy" Moore, the one soul even the lowest of us can look down upon. Who knew a war-loving, greed based society could be filled with so many sexual deviants? And for as long as I can hide my own sexual sins I'm going to feign shock with the best of 'em. I'll have to if I'm to keep up with Roy Boy's ethics hearing before the Senate. I dunno, but when I see one weirdo being questioned by twenty other weirdos that's certainly a "What's wrong with this picture" moment for me. But I don't want to think about that too much as it spoils the fun.

While everyone lines up to throw that first rock, we must first have our incisive questions ready to go because, you know, inquiring minds want to know. An askroy!.gov website has been set up so the public can have input into the proceedings. The only rule is that every question must start with "Hey, Roy". Even Charles Manson on his deathbed got excited hearing Roy Boy speak, proclaiming he'd finally found a soul more craven than him. His question was quite unique: "Hey, Roy, have you ever had a hard-on for Hitler?"

Since this grave and moral proceeding will be under oath, certain questions do beg to be asked. Who knows? Maybe we'll find out Roy-baby is just like any other crazy uncle who's been banned from the mall for hitting on teenagers. Or maybe our high school sex education classes should include actual sex so kids won't grow up to be deviant D.A.'s in the future. In the interest of finding out just why guys are are so damn horny, I pulled ten questions out at random:
  • "Hey, Roy, have you ever got a date using a lollipop?"
  • "Hey, Roy, have you ever kissed a black woman Democrat and liked it?"
  • "Hey, Roy, can you tell us about your favorite farm animal and why?"
  • "Hey, Roy, have you ever changed a date's diapers?"
  • "Hey, Roy, have you ever fantasized about being abused by two angry lesbians with strap-ons?"
  • "Hey, Roy, why wouldn't you want to take my daughter to the prom?"
  • "Hey, Roy, have you ever been in a Turkish prison - and would you want to go back?"
  • "Hey, Roy, is self-respect a turn off?"
  • "Hey, Roy, have you ever wanted to walk naked through San Francisco with flowers in your hair?"
  • "Hey, Roy, are these questions making you HAWT???"
Regardless how things turn out, I think it's a fairly certain bet on what will be the hottest - and creepiest - Halloween mask next year - one sure to scare the hell out of trick-or-treaters!