Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hey, King Donnie, I Wants Me My Candy Bar!

King Donnie god, you is the bestest thing ever happen to this country! You brought freedom to us haters like we never not had before! Hot dang, this must be what it felt like for them slaver-owners back in the good ol' days, ya just shits on anyone ya don't like! Let me tell ya sumpthin': this dog WILL hunt! An' once that dog's out there ain't no goin' back, no sir! We finally got us a taste of the big power an' we ain't ever letting go again, bitches!

There's good hypocrites and then there's them bad hypocrites. King Donnie one of the good ones! I oughts to know: I was votin' for him! He gotta get them other bad politishiuns in line and it takes tough talk to do that. King Donnie already in line so he don't gotta do what he say other people gotta do. This gots to be the most moralist liar in history. Better watch out you bad guy enviro-mentalists!

I sees these high an' mighty too pure to touch loudmouthers complainin' our good king is dishonest. Well, of course he's dishonest, ya moron nut. He's a good businessman. Heck I wouldn't trust me a honest businessman - he'd be some fruit like that Bernie Sanders fool. Ya gots to play rough out there or they just rips ya head off. America ain't gettin' it head ripped off no more. Time to fight fire with fire and cheat everyone's we see! That the true American way! Watch out, world!

I've been begging MSNBC to run this in the background

Juss look how King Donnie been playin' that Russian! He Putin's puppet cuz he playing super complicated three dee chess that NOBODY can understand - he's that smart! That why people needs to get on board with him now! He tryin' to blow up the world but won't nobody let him! They all sabotagin' the good things him tryin' to do. I don't like all them blowhards saying how poison is jess so bad and not no one can debate them cuz they knows everything! That outrageable! Little poison in our land ain't gonna hurt nothin'!

All these worrywarts about 'democracy', that a bunch of horseshit! We is greatest democracy ever. I know cuz they allows even me to vote! So we don't need to be "guardin' it" or crap like that. People got too many rights as it is. Trump gonna get those criminals out there! He gonna fuck up America but bad! I just don't know what wrong with people not supportin' their President when all he want's to is make thing better. Some folks jess think only of themselves!

All I know is King Donnie is a good man and him promise me a candy bar. I ain't got it yet but I know one day I will! Everyone juss need to lay off him and give him a chance so I can get me my Snickers! That all I gonna think about so all you wise assers can keep on barkin' about this and that but I'm not gonna hear a word. It's what like my (good white trash) neighbor said: "The more they hate him, the more I want him to succeed. Because what they hate about him is what they hate about me." Right there with ya, bud!

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