Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Bill Maher Says To Go Fuck Yourself For Not Matching His Purity

“Go fuck yourselves with a locally grown organic cucumber.”

OK, let's set some baselines on how a democracy works. It's simple really. You have a list of candidates, you pick which one you think is best, and you're done. Easy peasy! Or, is it...?"

Many, many people take issue with that concept, some even violently opposed. They say you can only vote for certain people under certain conditions and that one must triangulate a probable winner and blah, blah, blah. But we all know in reality that the only people responsible for who's in office is the people who voted for them. The people who voted against them are not responsible for the people in office. Amazing the number of people who don't get that!

Bill Maher is one of those people. He says you must support those you don't believe in, that you must lie about your feelings, hold your nose, etc. etc. or the Bad Guys will win! Well, somebody certainly slept through civics class. Honest people vote for other honest people. Dishonest people vote for other dishonest people. That's how it is in a democracy. No way around that. In other words, unless we're a nation of dishonest people there's no way dishonest people can get into power.

So that's why I'm glad President Nero won. It exposes who we truly are (and can start to deal with it). We put a lunatic in charge who is openly destroying the country in bald-faced treason as a de facto agent of a foreign power. But do we care? Do we throw him out because we found out we've somehow been misled? Nooooo! He's like a three-year-old with matches who knows the more he burns down the more approval he gets - and that's all he knows or is capable of understanding. Democracy doesn't make us a good people, it only gives the good a chance. Nothing supersedes what's in our hearts.

Any leftists who didn't vote for the one person who could have stopped Don the Con share the responsibility for the suffering of immigrants, refugees, and the poor as a result of the abominations he's already inflicted on us, and he's just getting started.

I understand the frustration but how am I to serve my heart by supporting that which I think is wrong? And besides, as of last month deportations are down 5% from President Jesus, the most ruthless and heartless deporter in history. Where was #resistance then?? (The Obamabots were too busy demonizing Obama critics for letting the perfect be the enemy of the good!)

What's the saying, don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good? We could have kept Trump out but we didn't because we are idealists and stubborn, a combination that's a recipe for defeat. Let's not do that again!

Even Shrillary did not believe in herself. Her campaign was basically, "I'm not the madman Trump!" OK, neither am I. That mean I should be President? She wasn't for anything, she had no vision other than her own power. She would only have continued and amplified Obama's disastrous policies, the full effects of which have not been felt yet. And really, can one imagine stubborn idealist Jesus tailoring his message to get elected? People don't want the truth, then fuck 'em.

TELL 'EM, Bill Maher! Sick of these damn, whining, hand-wringing liberals who couldn't bring themselves to vote for her. They are part of the blame for why PresiDUNCE is there today!

Billy complains of Nero's stocking of his cabinet with financial insiders. Did he complain of this with Obama, who outrageously put the architects of the 2008 collapse in charge and openly stated he was there to protect the banks (i.e. to be above the law)? That's what a "neoliberal disaster" is since you asked, Bill Boy. It's being a conservative in liberal's clothing. There are lots of suckers who fall for that out there but they can go pragmatically fuck themselves with a foreign grown pesticide-laden cucumber.

Politics is as horrible as any other religion. It ain't gonna save ya no matter how much you believe. It's just another fairy tale of a savior on a white horse who's going to make everything OK. I realize that sells a lot of movie tickets but voting the earth to be flat doesn't make it any less round - even if you "win". In the end, when we're standing on a smoldering barren planet that used to be lush and habitable we'll each be asked if we stood with the truth. And that answer is the only thing that can save you.

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