Monday, April 03, 2017

Comrade Trump Has Got Your Back!

Russian purges under Stalin were the ultimate expression of societal treachery. Stalin knew himself to be the Great Betrayer of his country and thusly he waged a perpetual witch hunt though he himself was the witch. For him, the bigger the lie the better (sound like anyone you know?). This was his way of testing "loyalty", of who would go along with his insanity. Life became about having Stalin's approval. And for a Judas like Stalin, his insecurity was a bottomless pit.

People were rounded up to be blamed for the (vast) ills of society. It didn't really matter who as much as it did the number. Why would a nation stand for that? Why weren't the governing witches hung in the public square? It happened on many levels. Those in power were silent on Stalin's insane behavior in order to keep their power. The KGB as tools of the state knew they must victimize or be victims, and the populace believed the official lie they weren't capable of running their own lives and that must be left up to the state.

What kept the decades of oppression alive was the cognitive dissonance of the people. As innocents were jailed they often wrote letters to the instigator Stalin to right the wrong of their imprisonment. "If only Daddy Stalin knew he would fix this injustice! He said he loves us and we believe him like good citizens do!" Turns out Russia has no monopoly on useful idiots. But the problem is useful idiots doom us all.

KINSMAN, Ohio — For years, Tammy and Joseph Pavlic tried to ignore the cracked ceiling in their living room, the growing hole next to their shower and the deteriorating roof they feared might one day give out. Mr. Pavlic worked for decades installing and repairing air-conditioning and heating units, but three years ago, with multiple sclerosis advancing, he had to leave his job.

By 2015, Ms. Pavlic was supporting her husband and their three children on an annual salary of $9,000, earned at a restaurant. That year, they tapped a county program funded by Congress, called the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, to help repair their house.

The next year, they voted for Donald J. Trump, who has moved to eliminate the HOME program.
Because surely a silver-spooned billionaire will feel their woes! But one could certainly understand their buyer's remorse at this point as it dawns on them they are to be cut out, left behind, and made invisible in Trump's America.
The Pavlics’ ceiling may no longer be cracked, but in the zero-sum game that Mr. Trump’s budget seeks to set up, the nation is showing new fissures. The president’s budget proposal would cut deeply into the Department of Housing and Urban Development, paring rental assistance and eliminating heating and air-conditioning aid, energy-efficiency assistance, and partnerships with local governments like HOME. With the savings, Mr. Trump says, he would beef up military spending and build a wall along the Mexican border.
“Keeping the country safe compared to keeping my bathroom safe isn’t even a comparison,” Mr. Pavlic, 42, said. “We have people who are coming into this country who are trying to hurt us, and I think that we need to be protected.”
Thank you for your patriotic self-immolation, Comrade Pavlic! Who's going to protect us from you?? But had you kept your brain working you'd realize the very worst bad guy hurting this country is the terrorist you helped put into office. Hope your ceiling falls in and knocks some sense into you.
The county, which voted overwhelmingly for Mr. Trump, is the type of place where people might hope to be great again. Open fields of overgrown grass line winding roads that lead to rusted steel mills and shuttered factories. The median household income in the county, which is about 90 percent white and 8 percent black, dropped by $7,400, to $42,368, from 2006 to 2015, while the population declined by 14,000, to 203,750. Near Kinsman is Masury, which locals have nicknamed Misery.
“Our county voted for President Trump, so I’m not sure they quite understand what is going to happen,” [county development coordinator] Julie Edwards said. “I don’t think people realize how much we rely on these services. I don’t think people are making the connection between cutting the HUD funds and paving our streets or building new affordable housing.”

Making America great by living in squalor while waiting on Daddy Stalin to come save them. In fact, one can make the argument we are even worse than the Russians who lived in general ignorance of Stalin's treachery. Here, it's reported and is done right out in the open. But not everyone views self-respect as a sin in this Ohio county.
Amber Barr, 34, lives in a women’s supportive housing complex and regrets voting for Mr. Trump. She and her 4-year-old daughter, Brooklynn, survive on a $588 disability check and $340 in food stamps every month. Her rent is $99, and she fears that Mr. Trump’s housing cuts are just the beginning. “If I didn’t have these programs, I wouldn’t have any kind of support, I wouldn’t have any kind of direction as to what to do, where to go, and I wouldn’t have any money to help me find resources,” Ms. Barr said, as she began to cry.
Housing assistance has helped her focus on getting treatment for hepatitis C, attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and seeing a psychiatrist for anxiety. It also meant escaping the temporary housing she was in for several months after leaving an abusive relationship. Last week, as she thought of Mr. Trump’s budget, Ms. Barr stood outside her building nervously clutching the only money she had left for the month: six quarters she hoped to put under her daughter’s pillow as a gift from the tooth fairy.
“I don’t plan on being here forever,” Ms. Barr said, wiping away tears. “People that are getting help right now are succeeding. People are not going to succeed. They are going to give up.”

Lock him up! Our President is a monster of incompetence, a de facto foreign agent, a wrecking-ball to our well-being, a sociopathic arrested adolescent so out of his depth and so beyond redemption his every waking moment is devoted to seeking approval. That we allow this daylight atrocity to continue shows we have no honor left as a country. That 40% openly wishes to turn a blind eye shows our true level of corruption. Every person who claims the truth is our enemy is a traitor.

But the thread tying this all together is one simple fact: the overwhelming majority of us wish only to have their own view of reality be affirmed. To them, that is the greater good. They are faithless in the Word, rejecting that which truly is greater than ourselves. Every soul serves something: truth or lies. And by such our fates will be determined, no matter how "elected" one is or how poorly the truth polls.

You have wearied the LORD with your words.
"How have we wearied him?" you ask. By saying,
"All who do evil are good in the eyes of the LORD, and he is pleased with them,"
or "Where is the God of justice?"

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