Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Truth About Trump

Journalism stories have many standards they have to follow in order to be published. Some are good and some are false. There's no such thing as "objective" reporting since only God is in possession of the whole truth. That leaves us only with honest and dishonest reporting. One can be factual and be dishonest while on the other hand one can be non-factual and be honest. Thank God I don't have to follow those rules!

Donald Trump is bent. That's the most important fact you need to know.

The only question after that is how bent. That is a question you'll see danced around in mainstream media. The good thing about Trump is he pulls the mask off the façade of American integrity. We all know he's bent but too few can point it out without having their own bentness be pointed out in return. OK, so I'm an asshole and I lost the most important person of my life through outrageous deception and betrayal. Now let's talk about the other asshole.

Kompromat is a Russian term for blackmail material. Russia has given its own unique twist to capitalism, stripping away Western pretense of fictional Christian principles contained therein. It's pure dog-eat-dog using any means possible. Another term they use is krysha, meaning protection from the-powers-that-be. See, these practices are so widespread they have to coin terms for them!

To safely navigate the halls of Russian power one must obtain krysha, no if, ands, or buts about it. Everyone is looking to pull you down, from underlings to rival business interests to the government itself. It's a way of life. But that's not limited to just internal politics. Nothing is more treasured than obtaining kompromat on Western leaders, businessman, or power brokers of any kind. And as Putin is a bent soul himself he easily recognized a fellow criminal in Trump.

Would you trust these guys? Trumpy did!

At the top of the Russian hierarchy it's all about positioning for power and nothing else. A prize like Trump would be plum indeed because, let's face it, The Donald is a prize plum, hopelessly stupid and naïve with an uncontrolled love for lying. How Putin must have been laughing his ass off at Trump's unguarded ways as the idiot fell victim to his own cult of business which is nothing more than a club of bent souls pillaging the world.

The Republicans were wholly terrified Trump would reveal their true heart: racist, greedy, irresponsible, treacherous, treasonous, scapegoating predators. He was, in effect, wearing his KKK (Konservative Krist Killers) hood in public and that would spell doom for the party. So a report was commissioned by Trump's rivals to take him down (as they furiously denounced his pussy grabbing ways in jealous outrage). This report was compiled by Christopher Steele who has been described as an ex-member of British intelligence and a Russian expert during his time there.

You can read the report here on Buzzfeed. It speaks of "plausible deniability", sex party references, and other hanky-panky. But the theme is Putin's goal of destabilizing the West. If he can get the sanctions lifted his power will be permanently cemented in Russia and he'll be a hero who outsmarted the sanctimonious West (of whom they have a perpetual inferiority complex). So what does all this mean?

That our President is a Russian stooge.

Do you remember how in the debate it stung the Donald when Hillary called him "Putin's puppet"? Talk about protesting too much! The majority of his irrational Presidential behavior can be laid at the feet of his knowing he's Putin's bitch, and that he lives in absolute dire fear of being exposed. Corruption in business is not considered a big deal here in America as we've sanitized greed as a moral trait. Idiot Trump kept that same mentality during what seemed his losing campaign, pulling out all the stops including grasping onto the Russians for help.

The psychology here is easy to read. "Enemy of the American people!" "Sad!" "XYZ doesn't have a clue!" "XYZ is laughing at us!" Self-expression is the primary driving force of every life. Trump is constantly expressing who he is as he continually slanders others in wildly desperate distraction. Yes, indeed, it is sad to have someone so clueless be laughed at by our enemies and who has, in turn, become an enemy of the American people. Fucking moron.

Every ounce of his focus centers around hiding this truth or protecting himself if it does come out. He must demonize the media. He must surround himself with loyalists. He must muddy the waters as much as possible. Draw a line through his actions and you'll see this is the one connecting string throughout. Watching him in this light makes sense of his reactions and motivations. We don't need no stinking report to know the truth.

But President Nero isn't the totality of our problems. It's the American people who love to be lied to and choose to hold onto greed at all costs. Every emperor during the decline of Rome got nuttier and nuttier. Did you see the "honest" people rise up in revolt? Of course not. They just got nuttier too. Nero is exposing America as a clown country absent of morals. All these dithering protests mean nothing. As Lennon said, it's not about what you're against, it's about what you're for. And obviously we are not for truth, justice, or love or we'd have thrown this clown out already.

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