Sunday, January 22, 2017

Spinning Wheels Of The Mind

It started with the madness of the children...the terrible screaming from the if buried one else could hear it, or, if they could, did not care...the children knew, knew before any of us...then I sensed it: the world spinning faster...what does it mean...what will one foresaw this, no one is prepared...dare I speak what I see...there it is, even faster again...when will it stop...taken to its logical conclusion, day and night would become so short as to be nothing more than a revolving strobe light...who could survive a madness like steps are getting heavier as gravity increases...we'll be frozen still by the planet's pull as daytime and nighttime rush by ever faster...what is there to do...I see the fear in the eyes of my brothers but no one says a word of what's silence they become one with the madness, hoping against hope...a madman demands, "This is no time for dreams!"...but whispers in the wind declare without dreams we suffer the nightmare we cling, driving the children to scream, whom we declare enemies of the state...light is diluting into a gray haze...soon we'll forget the memory of light...we'll think it a dream that never was...we'll call madness to be life and life to be our own words we'll be hanged...we said we were of the Way...but now we've spun out of control...the lies are melting away...and we'll be left with only ourselves, and the truth of what we've done...

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