Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump Wins The Pennant! Trump Wins The Pennant!

By any provable metric we had the two most despicable candidates in American history this election. One can either support Lady Macbeth or Caligula. Many justified their support of a despicable candidate by virtue of not supporting the other despicable candidate. And that's how you guarantee a vile candidate is elected! Like Rome before us whose final rulers were each a succession of greater rot and decay we too suffer through this today.

Part of how we got here was the "good guys" syndrome. Democrats traded principles for power under the guise of "pragmatism" to keep the "good guys" in power, pushing right wing policies while patting themselves on the back for their alleged moral superiority. How disgusting. Erode civil rights. Enable corporate slavery. Mass deportations. Worldwide terror campaign. The left stayed silent because the "good guy" was in charge. That's how we got to where we are today. The silent left created Donligula.

Now, if the left attempts to fight The Donald on his policies of greed and repression they will have no leg on which to stand. Real goddam pragmatic, that! It will be quite easy to point out the flagrant hypocrisy of suddenly protesting the same policies of which one stood mutely by and watched for eight long years. Any protests will be hollow and vain, words washed away with the wind. The fear is palpable today and I'm no exception. Make peace with your Maker.

We were a country based on greed before the election, during the election, and after the election. This is a byproduct of that. What's funny is watching the desperate whitewashing by an embarrassed nation forced to look in the mirror and see the phony orange hair of a clown. There's a lot of "This is not us!" going around as we scramble for moral crumbs on how at least we don't have military coups here in our "peaceful" transition of power! Congrats, America. Be proud. However the election turned out the reflection is ugly upon us.

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