Monday, September 05, 2016

This Video Blocked By The Internet

When X woke up in his room he saw this on his ceiling in black static letters. When he looked around, every wall said the same; the floor the same. Doors and windows were gone. Panicked and terror stricken he rushed to touch them only to find the surface of computer monitors in every direction.

He screamed but was unheard.

He had to find hope or face certain insanity. He searched for cracks or joints or a way to break through but he could discover no way out. His mind oscillated between despair and denial. His life could not have come to this. It can't be. Things like this don't happen.

But it did.

X had no basis in proof or reason his situation would get better. That his entire existence had been nothing more than a funneled internet video destroyed his belief system. That's why when he looked for something real he couldn't find it. How to break out? He sat on the floor, composing himself, hanging on the best he could, trying to stabilize, hoping things wouldn't get worse.

But they always do.

Up from the floor sprouted chickens who immediately pecked everything in sight - including X. "NO! NO! NO!" It was more than X could stand. He began to wail but nothing changed. He began to pray aloud but nothing changed. He began to enter a void - to be nothing, see nothing, hear nothing.

But the answer remained nothing.

Then the leaks started from around the edges, water inching it's way up. X was in a cube at the bottom of the sea. His mind snapped with the realization. His recourse was none. His options were none. What was left to be done?

At the monitoring station on the surface an alert went up that X's cube had disconnected. Nobody knew his whereabouts though they knew it was possible he could have sunk to the bottom and could press the self-destruct button sending shockwaves that can kill. When word was passed on to the top the message back was, "Oh well, shit happens. Can't be worried about every little life."

The operators discussed the situation.

"So what if he explodes? No one will blame us. They'll have dramatic funerals and fine speeches and weepy women saying how great we really are."

"It really is funny! We really aren't expected to help, thank You God. They must want it to happen to set things up like this. All you have to do is say there's no other way."

"There's no other way!"

They both laughed as X's name was deleted from the database of people who coount. Later, when X exploded and killed five police officers, the response was as predicted. "Oh well, shit happens. Can't be worried about every little life."

Who will be next?

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