Saturday, July 30, 2016

Visions Behind The Mask

I saw a million people - maybe more
Crying out for holy war;
Locked in step, locked in jaw
Militant marchers bought the law.

With pounding hate, their temples throb
No living god can stop the mob;
"No cruel peace in our lifetime!
"Choosing love a moral crime!"

Resolved eyes burn jailed desire
Imprisoned by self-tortured ire;
Shred at last, their constitution!
Embracing hell's final solution.

"We've seen the enemy and it is you!
"God approves the evil we do!"
Join the mob or you'll be next
Jesus Christ, the eternal suspect.

Bloody flows the river of fear
Smashing mirrors that bring the tear;
Time has passed for human restraint
Innocent suffer sinner's complaint.

Pillars of hope they wreck and crumble
Only death can end this tumble;
See their signs if you dare to look:
"Now interviewing corporate crooks."

Praiseworthy words hide the crude
Secret perverted interlude;
Evil shows when they are nude
In every whore resides a prude.

Ever tightening shrinks the noose
But useless lies don't get it loose;
Why fail to decry their cursed dying?
Behind shot bullet a secret crying.

Time reveals hell's betrayal
Satan removes the savior's veil;
Forced to face what they already know
Doomed fools have no place to go.

Deceived into doing the devil's work
Unrepentant dies the jerk;
Forsaking heaven's angels above
"Do anything but admit your love."

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