Monday, June 20, 2016

A Letter To Orenthal

Dear Mr. Simpson,

It's been said that men only created copies of their hearts when they created prisons. In time, that will become self-evident. For the worst prison is the one within: the prison of lying. I should know. I'm the worst liar of all.

I know about running, too. Once it starts it never ends. But what brings success one day can be revealed to bring doom the next. You run, you die. You stop running, you die. So where is life?

Life is when you come clean. The Good Book speaks of spirits both clean and unclean, it's as simple as that. There are Presidents who have lied their country into a war. Can you imagine committing that sort of abomination? How does one come clean then? How does one admit to being a deceiver who destroyed thousands or millions of lives?

Yet, it is the only way. What you don't know is what happens afterward. You will see a light in your life you did not see before, a sign of true hope. At first, you will wonder if it's real or just another self-deception to make you feel good. You will have to hold fast onto it.

Nobody wants to lose. Confession is winning. No more strings attached to you in hopeless manipulation. False critics will be left to attack only themselves.

The question remains as always: what is real? Do you understand what the man of despair said when he declared, "the more people that know me the more unknown I become"? Nobody wants to die unknown. To know is to love.

I hope you find some value in these words.


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