Monday, March 28, 2016

The Everyday Monster

As proven by the Milgram Experiment, they walk among us. They hold down jobs, teach Sunday school, run in marathons, doing things considered normal and responsible. But they have no inner moral compass. They are simply androids programmed by society and for them that substitutes for a conscience. The words "Approval" and "Disapproval" replace "Right" and "Wrong" in their vocabulary. They see nothing beyond that.

Not only are they monsters, but they rejoice in it. They kill with a "happy heart". Having eschewed all moral responsibility, they live in a world of disassociation from the deeds they do. These are your secret police, your corporate assassins, the soul-less footmen of the world who will carry out any order. They are the building blocks of dictators and tyrants (and proudly so!). They have the Judas gene, born to betray (in fact, they see that as their duty).

Nature, in Her time, will destroy these beasts in the coming process of purification. They have no sense of self-preservation having staked their fate to be that of their lies. They will be told to step into the furnace of fire and will comply. For those whose goal is to stay disconnected disobedience is worse than death in their world. It will be a most satisfying sight seeing them remove themselves from the human equation! The planet can never have a future with them among us, and had we stayed true to the ways of Moses they would never have arisen. In medical terms they are tumors.

Will be reborn to lead a corporate cult

Some are more easily spot than others. They join unsanctioned cults or engage in other behavior considered outrageous by mainstream society. We are quick to mock them in those scenarios but the rest of the time we turn a blind eye. We know they butcher with zeal, seeing those still having a conscience as their natural enemy who must be destroyed. These are the informers who can never gain approval from within, only from without. At Nuremberg we officially disavowed them and their ways but truth be told when they serve our purposes we embrace them still.

Below is one woman's letter before death when we - for a time - realized we cannot allow these beasts to continue to undermine civilization. It was hoped that the hangman's rope would help them to see the light of reason but most remained in darkness, animals to the end. These are the ones who called for the death of Jesus - and still do in churches around the world.

Mother dearest,

This shall be my final note to you. Truly, I do not understand the anger that swirls around me. Now they say they want to take my life! When they kill all the good people of the world who obey orders what hope can there be? Who am I to say what is right or wrong? We all said the same thing at the camp: "Mine is not to question why, just load another Jew to die." Now they are trying to say ALL of us were wrong?

What's so wrong helping provide for my family? What's so wrong getting us a better house to live in or fixing Heinrich's teeth when they came in crooked? For these crimes I am sentenced to death? Has the world gone mad? It was not I who decided to kill the Jews. I simply turned on the gas as ordered. One cannot pick and choose what one obeys. That would bring chaos and be wholly irresponsible!

On Easter I will hang. They malign Judas but what did he do so wrong? A mere kiss on the cheek? Was he not serving the authorities as they wished? He was simply a good businessman who got paid for his services. We praise this deed every day! It's these people who set themselves up as Jesus who are the problem, blind to their own sins. There's no living with them! They think they can do whatever they please with no consequence! One day they have a very hard lesson they will learn.

But today we live at their mercy and your daughter dies a martyr. Let God witness this for all time! They shall not break me, dear mother. I shall remain strong and hold on to my principles, dutiful to the end. My persecutors shall reap what they sow. I only wish I could be there to see it.

Your daughter, Bettina.

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