Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We Are All Shkreli!

I love this freak Martin Shkreli! His smirkin' ass is the unrepressed embodiment of corporatized America today. His fellow freaks who are also actively destroying this country are supposedly outraged by our man Martin. They want to stay in the shadows, show up as honored sponsors at golf events, be lauded as pillars of the community. They say to him, "It's OK to gouge people and laugh about it - but you're supposed to hide it and lie about it later!" Same way Donald "The billionaire with orange hair" Trump is taking old time Republican prejudices out of the closet.

In his appearance before our elected clan of criminals, these scoundrels who still feign ethics were incensed in burning envy by his unrepentant freedom. "I call this blood money...coming out of the pockets of hardworking Americans," shrilled a Sinataur creature. In Shkreli these beasts who sit on the throne thought they had found gold, i.e. someone they could point to as an even bigger sell-out asshole than they are! Marty has been made the poster boy for drug industry greed to scapegoat the greediness of a nation. He knows this - and thinks it's funny.

There are many who (self-servingly) frame Obamacare as a moral endeavor with moral intentions. In the behind-the-scenes deal-making was a sign off on wholesale corporate greed to be given to Big Pharma. The ill gotten gains of Shkreli's extortion is comparative to selling one car a year as opposed to GM's yearly output. How many tens of millions of dollars on a daily basis are being sucked from "the pockets of hardworking Americans"? No one heard a peep from bought off Democrats wanting to trumpet political victory and of course when is a Republican ever going to stand in the way of greed?

"Hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government."

Truer words were never spoken, because people elect those in whom they see themselves - which makes us a nation of imbeciles. In his raising by fiftyfold the price of a needed drug, Shkreli is simply playing by the rules, doing what the market will bear and rewarding his shareholders. This kind of behavior goes on every day to various degrees. With an example as easy to understand and as obvious as this one, our elected buffoons were given a chance to show "disgust" at something which they celebrate and turn a blind eye to every single fucking day.

But maybe we have become self-aware enough as a country to tire of denying our creed of greed. No matter how many faces Shkreli made or how much contemptuous mockery he displayed, none of that resonated in this attempt to portray him as villain for the ages. The story got its 15 minutes but had no legs. No matter how scandalous Shkreli's behavior there's just simply too many people looking at this unabashed capitalist saying, "That could be me!"

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