Monday, February 22, 2016

I Ching, I Coyote

Kwai Chang Caine wants to know!

"Ha, ha, ha! Fell right off the cliff! What a dummy!"

Soft-spoken, slow-speaking Caine did not understand his companion's reaction. "Is it find the pain of others?"

"What ya talking about? He deserved it!"

" it not ourselves we judge...when we judge others?"

"Dude, you think too much. If he wants to chase after that roadrunner then he's getting what he deserves."

"Is not the coyote simply doing as nature instructs all living things do?"

"I think he's doing what Acme instructs him to do, frankly. That damn fool must have spent a fortune there over the years!"

"And yet you find nothing to admire in his persistence? Is this not a sign of character?"

"He's a durn fool! He ain't never going to catch that bird. And besides, nobody wants him to."

"They wish...for the coyote to starve? Should we ask to disrupt...the natural order of things? Can Man place himself above nature? I do not see the wisdom in this."

"Cain, it's a goddam cartoon! There ain't no wisdom to be had!"

"But...meaning can be found...anywhere. Even in a rock."

"In Iraq? You want go find meaning there, have at it! All I know is is that anvil is gonna end up landing on that coyote's head and I can damn guarantee you you are the only person on this planet who's got a problem with that."

"But is not the truth of one...still the truth?"

"Dude, you need to get that Chinese dick of yours in a woman and lighten up. Not everything has meaning to it! Get over it!"

"Perhaps...if you could give me an example."

"Last week that moron who lives across the street went out and voted for that wet-behind-the-ears teenage runaway Rubio!"

"I...see your point." At that moment the anvil finally landed on the coyote's head. Caine laughed.

I do not see a President...I see...a paper boy

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