Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How To Stay Alive At Fifty Five

"I want to live! I want to give!"
Two sins God does not forgive;
Betrayed by both heaven and hell
No one hears unemployed yell.

Thinking this a world to trust
Until you find you're broke and bust!
Helpless as a backside tortoise,
Presence stripped of any purpose.

Life was harder then it got hard:
Cold future's night security guard.
Having always done what you were told,
Kicked to the curb when you get old.

In foolish hope you think you count,
But dollars are the wrong amount;
Give back your house and shiny car,
Scorned and jeered at local bar.

When you passed the street man beggar
Did you think you were better?
Did you fail to understand
That you were he as fellow man?

But though innocent of any crime
You find it's you who's facing time.
Paupers no parole nor penance,
Hell for life the unjust sentence.

Have you a soul your best friend
Devoted to the very end?
All favor gone, the world is bent
If dare to ask help for the rent.

Did you make greed's hand your father,
As it now holds head under water?
Did you play the godly fool
Faithful to pernicious rule?

For all your woes it's too late,
Your fellow man seals your fate!
Though may be right in your debate,
Pilate smiles in victory's hate.

Sitting pared with thin pocketbook,
Do you wish you'd been a crook?
Perhaps a better honesty
To see the world as it must be.

We work not to future bright;
Who cannot see the spreading blight?
You care not until it's you:
The abandoned mocked German Jew.

You made them happy to be their toy,
At fifty-five, a paper boy!
Tossed on the lawn of your old boss
Who profits from dead Jesus cross.

If think you not be royally fucked
Then go try your lottery luck!
Every child sees the world as sick -
Until he grows up to be a dick.

Brain-dead drunk on the gravy train,
"To ever leave would be insane!";
Till dragged and dumped off the caboose
Leaves you pondering of a noose.

Bewitching liars rule the day;
The drowning man has no say!
If vampires see you are hurtin'
You'll be labeled a "goddam burden."

See your neighbors on TV
Where cruise lines promise love is free;
"Hey, loser man, don't be rude!
"Eat another canned dog food!"

Of this too you can be sure:
To finely femme you've no allure;
Kingly swine reap all the women,
Never again will you be grinnin'.

Jesus Christ is not your friend,
For yourself you must fend;
Problems solved within a bottle;
Slowly your life you do throttle.

Longer that you stick around,
Longer chased by hell's fierce hound!
Feel the pain in creaking joints,
Medicine guarded at gun point.

If life lands you dire on the rocks
Only way out is earth's pine box.
Face the fact that you have lost,
Can't pray your way off Mankind's crossed.
Welcome to the holocaust!

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