Thursday, January 28, 2016

Citizen Cruz

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called the children of God.

Wonder what the hatemongers will be called??

There's a new strain of evil in the land and all we can think to do is check its birth certificate. As we move towards inevitable (and irreversible) revelation, our true faces can resist the light for only so long. For those who care to look, scary creatures can be seen walking among us - some even running for Supreme Leader! Many are those who lament this with much consternation and gnashing of teeth. "Can't you see? Look! It's the devil himself!" But I? I break into song about good ol' Raffy Cruz! Like Rafael said to me, "Heck, win a tea party election in this town, you get a song written about you! Except I said I wanted a thong, not a song!""

There is a man?
But he's no man!
- We'll call him ma'am -
- and such a ham! -
And to the poor he'll slyly lure
He'll screw them all he can!

Who is this bum?
Who acts like scum?
This bastard son!
Canada from!
Just by his lying
Has the Honest Speaking on the run!

Who loves to hate?
His masturbate!
God's soul berate?
An angry state!
Who wouldn't get a bit upset
If you dated his mate?

So don't you snooze,
Your head he'll bruise,
His words confuse.
Your anger use.
I'll bet you five you're not alive
If you don't hear his boos.

Who'll give us hell?
It's Rafael!
(Chorus: It's Señor Vain!)
He doesn't like that Señor
He likes his white sounding name!

Who'll give a vote?
For this cutthroat!
Who'll sink your boat!
His lies don't float!
Who switches positions quicker
Than a mountain slick goat?

Who is so rude?
He's got a 'tude!
Whose shit don't stink?
Loves to hoodwink!
Who thinks your dough was made to spend,
And hides the way he thinks?

Who's Rafael?
He'll never tell!
(Chorus: He's just a flake!)
I'll bet you ten you aren't men
If you don't see a snake!

Even Satan's self with thee might dread to dwell,
And in thy skull discern a deeper hell.

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