Saturday, December 05, 2015

Changing The Rules

When you're in the boiling pot... don't think about your woman, you don't think about the living world, you don't think about the moon or the sun or the sky, you don't think about yesterday or tomorrow, you don't think about the state of affairs or bombs dropping from the heavens, you don't think about starving children, you don't about justice to ensure a future, you don't think about assassins in the night or angels in the day, you don't think about left or right or up or down, you don't think about childhood dreams, you don't think about your gnawing insecurities, you don't think about the latest trends or who's fucking who, you don't think about what anyone is saying or praying, you don't think about if you've been dumb or smart, you don't think about anything really - except for one thing...

...getting out of that goddam pot.

So when I finally came out I was surprised. Confusion replaced clarity. Those who'd fought for me forgot me. How would I pay rent for the ground upon which I stood? What is the time? Will I follow the sun? I could hear those who'd been laughing at my demise. I saw victims rejoice for killers. I felt the sting of rejection return. I was angered over dirty air whereas I'd been happy breathing coal dust before. I became erect in my desires. Then at last, my thoughts returned to love.

Walking away, I heard voices in the halls of power speaking. "Keep them in the boiling pots and they'll never think of what we do. Makes you wonder why they let us do it! Hahaha!"

I wondered if the end of Man was nigh, with nothing to stop the bleeding or the spreading of darkness.

"Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called the children of God."

But then I heard the screams stop. The king, who always delighted watching a soul boil in oil, watched in horror as the man got out of the pot unharmed and spoke before him. "No longer can you hurt me nor can anyone hurt anyone." As the man walked out the king ordered the guards to shoot but to no avail. Around the world, no weapon had any effect. Armies departed the field. Food was withheld but none starved. Rape, in all its forms, was disabled forever.

Those who fed on the artifice of the world fell to the bottom. No reason to obey a king now. Bankers, insurers, soldiers, jailors, thieves, hypocrites of all stripes decried the new world order imposed on them without say or quarter. Theirs had been empires built on pain. But Nature had refused these shackles - something they counted on never happening. "Now we have no future!" they wailed - and were correct.

But those who'd remained true to their heart, trusting in Nature even when the sun had been blocked out, breathed free air for the first time in history. The weed had ruled the flower for so long it was thought it would last forever. No soul was judged, only given that for which had been asked to receive. The meaning of dreams could never be trampled again. The dreamers celebrated. "Now we have a future," they rejoiced - and were correct.

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