Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Dream At Seventeen

He had a dream
At seventeen
To remain unseen
Before the Scream

Monsters in the house
Saw him as a mouse
Whom they must delouse
Before the neighbors grouse

This beast of burden
They keep hurtin';
Say their love is certain
From behind a curtain

He hears it will get better
If only he could let her...
But since he cannot get her
He writes one last letter

To speak out is to be alone;
In TV sex they never moan;
What I feel must not be known;
To the grave parental clone

Oh parent dear
You live in fear
That when you're near
You bring the tear

Like killing drones from the sky
Justice returns from on high
Exposing each and every lie
Breaking chains that make us die

In tender moment a mother paws
But out come sharpened claws
If the child does give pause
To living with her holy laws.

Two bloody faces shine of Eve
If you die one will grieve
If you live one will leave;
Hell smiles as we deceive

Dawning sun asks me to stay;
What of my living needs? I say;
Bills of the soul I cannot pay;
You must earn the time to play!

No eyes or ears has their god
Proud myth of the successful fraud;
To doom is the path they trod
Onward pills! they do prod

The sorrow of the twilight times
Darkened art seeps from our minds
Praising dreams we did not find
Hangman sings in beating rhymes

To this world they say I owe
Its heartless line we must toe
But you do not say the truth you know:
In your heart love did not grow.

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