Sunday, October 11, 2015

Takeko Battles The Wind

Into the sky a glimmering sword
Slicing air in hopes untoward;
The honor of ten thousand years
Depends upon a single spear.

The world her life is rearranging,
"These my times they aren't a-changing!";
"I will stop the setting sun
"To keep the clan my number one."

She holds the hope of an Autumn leaf
Not falling from the tree in grief;
To freeze a snowflake in the air
Safe from earth's melting despair.

Are these not glories to behold?
To walk in winter un-feeling cold?
To touch the sun and yet not burn,
Is that not worthy for Man to learn?

With her spear she battles bullet
But soldiers' triggers cannot pull it;
Takeko and her warrior women
Shame the modern fighting men.

Rushing forward though ready lost
Miscalculating the human cost;
She rages on defeating foe
Only of this will history know.

Nakano Takeko superstar
Died before she lived too far;
Her wisdom buried in sharpened steel
She made war on love she'd feel.

Is your enemy in a flower?
Before your life did you cower?
It's easy to say we're born to die
But did you ask if that's a lie?

Never a sword can change the wind,
Never a river that does not bend;
She came and left us much too soon
Beside her grave I mourn the moon.

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