Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Loneliness Of Jesus

Know-it-all kids

"I think I've just seen the worst of today's example of arrogant youth. This twelve-year-old Galilee boy dare lecture the temple elders! What can a child know of the truth compared to an adult? Only an adult holds the keys to wisdom!

"Furthermore, the child did this by abandoning his parents, causing them to search in a panic for three days! There is no hope for a disobedient child. He cannot be trusted. There is no greater betrayal for a child than to do as he wishes.

"This much I can guarantee: if that child does not repent there will be no place for him in this world. He will be the outcast of outcasts, deceiving himself as to the importance of his life. An unrepentant child dooms the world. Who will stand with him? Who will be with him in the end? No one."


"I have heard this new voice speak and while he says good things this much I can tell you: he's too much the radical. This man does not know when enough is enough! He speaks in absolutes that no one can follow. I followed as long as I could by he only kept going and going, never stopping. Eventually, he'll leave everyone behind and where will he be then?"


"How can he be performing miracles I do not comprehend? Nothing exists beyond the limits of my knowledge of nature! If I cannot walk on water then neither can he - nor anyone. When the ages pass and his deeds are revealed as fairy tales I will be vindicated as his name disappears from the world as it does for all charlatans. Let it be my self-appointed name, Reason, that lives forever."

The original Republican bribe

"You know who I am. You can speak of the past and the future but you know you cannot escape living in the now. I am not a fool. When I offer gold to other men their eyes light up with fever. But you see only useless rocks. This I understand. In fact, I know you are alone in what you understand.

"Humans walk with the mud of the world upon the their cloaks. But you are different. Who shares the experiences you do? At the end of the night who can sleep with you? You live in permanent exile. Do you expect them to change their ways for you!

"It does not have to be this way! A little dirt can do no harm. Then they'll see you're one of them. You'll be accepted and praised in every land, spreading the Word as you desire. Do not walk pure among these murderers. No soul can be expected to! To do a great right, do a little wrong. All I ask for is a little dirt upon your radical white linen and you will be saved in this world!"


"See that man upon the cross! Who can help him now? Had he been practical, had he compromised, he would not be sorely suffering but instead in this very moment be living as a king in a palace of palaces. This is what happens when a man goes his own way instead of listening to others. Do not put yourself above others or you'll suffer a mighty fall! We did not put him on that cross. His own stubbornness did. Praise be to the Lord!"


Suffer your children unto the army

"He said he wanted to save the world. What a fool! The world goes on as it ever has. He promised life, but received death. Clearly he did not know what he was doing. To stay alive in a world full of liars one must lie. Try to stand up to do better and you will be torn down. That man had no sense of reality. Who can relate to him?"


I am beseeched by every soul: I want to live! They ask for it, plead for it, beg for it, wail for it, nonstop night and day. Yet so few accept when offered. I hear them say the path of Life leads them to death and stop short in their tracks. I can only offer love. Without it we are isolated, alone and afraid. It is what every soul seeks - even if pursued by no one in the world. Do not abandon yourself.

Oh, and P.S.: Fuck that devil for misusing my man Shakespeare's brilliant truth!


"I am here today to tell you I follow in the tracks of Jesus! And in good conscience I can go no further. Many oppressors stubbornly try to push me forward but I stay my ground on my faith! Once, I was racked with guilt, I did not move forward but Jesus saved me and I now stand still by the authority of God! You self-betrayers who weakly follow your own wants will find doom as you push ahead. Only we who stay behind will live."

I'm a thug for God!

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