Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Kidnapping Of Karla, Part 1

"Your life is devoted to satisfying me
or I'll leave you to hump your hand
and join the army."

Karl was a collector. In a world where it's claimed manhood can be obtained in a pill Karl just had to believe there was a place for his unvalued life outside of that officially deemed valuable. He loved to rummage for "pieces of discarded life" (even as he often kicked dumpsters yelling, "Shit! Shit! Shit!"). Then he'd take his loot back to whatever abandoned building where he was hiding at the time and somehow try to feed off them. Somewhere somehow there had to be a scrap of dignity outside the norm.

Spotting Karla in her party dress storming off from her boyfriend in the 7-11 parking lot one night, Karl at last put all the pieces together. Karl didn't know where she was headed to or what she was thinking on how she'd get home, his only concern was she stay in a dark area long enough for him to pull his gun. And that she did and that he did.

"Run and I'll shoot!" Karla started to run anyway. Karl fired a shot into the air, Karla started begging for her life. "Just do what I say, bitch!"

Karl had swiped the gun from a pickup cab, too embarrassed to buy bullets he had only the three left in the revolver. But she didn't know that. Frightened by his desperate face and homeless garb, Karla's social instincts kicked in knowing what wrath a disenfranchised soul might hold. She was infuriated with herself to find she was yet drawn to his plight and curious as to his possible grievances. No time for that now, you fool!

Karl continually plied her with threats on the walk back to his hideout. He himself did not know if he'd shoot or not. This was a new experience for him having something real to lose. Easy to speak of the greed and selfishness of others while wandering his desolate life, but now Karl knew a new fear. Once having this sweet taste in his mouth, how much more difficult to go back to nothingness! No wonder everyone is acting like animals to keep what they have. It was then Karl first realized he was not alone in leading a desperate life.

"Get over there, rich bitch!"

"I'm not rich! What are going to do to me?"

"Stick your hand and feet in there or I'll shoot your foot off and you'll never walk again."

God knows the story behind a BDSM set of stocks thrown out behind a sex shop but Karl was drawn to it as an object of desire. Seeing her hands in feet writhing in its hold finally brought that object to life. What ecstasy! He slipped off her heeled shoes.

"I've always liked feet. Yours are so pretty! I must tickle them!"

Karla squealed in agony at the top of her lungs, partly from the torture and partly to raise an alarm. She had no way of knowing Karl had anticipated this and made their isolation was complete. He was excited like he'd never been before: a real live party girl all of his own!

"Oh, God, you look so hot in that skirt! Those bare legs are gorgeous!"

Karl lowered his pants to show his appreciation, helplessly stroking his satisfaction. Karla did not appreciate his appreciation of her sexy attire.

"You're sick! That's disgusting! What kind of a man are you?"

"The kind that doesn't need viagra!" exploded Karl. He zipped up his pants in abused relief. "Dear God Jesus where did you get those legs?"

"Touch me and I'll kill you! Let me go you bastard! Let me go right now!"

"Shut up! Your job is to do what I tell you to do whether you like it or not."

Karl was unconcerned by Karla's continued trite ranting. He knew it was her job to find any chink his armor she could exploit. But his only thought was now that he'd achieved paradise where did he go from here. He couldn't keep her and her wonderful legs forever. Afterwards he'd be back to where he was before: hopelessly outside alone. Shit! never thought about having success before. He'd have to play it by ear.

Suddenly drained, Karl crawled into his makeshift bed to sleep. Karla kept up her protests until she too was drained. In the morning light she found Karl sucking her toe. "I fucking hate you," she hissed, then surrendered to the soothing sensation. She needed to see nothing but evil in him.

"Want some breakfast?"


"OK, suit yourself. I'll be going out. Try your hardest to escape. You are a vision in the morning sun!"

"Go fuck yourself. I can't wait until your bitch ass gets raped in prison. You'll get ten years for kidnapping!"

"I'm already doing life."

Karl went to make his usual rounds. If she was still there when he got back then he'd know he made the stocks escape-proof. He also knew the longer he kept her the more attached he'd be. Karl had a lifetime of hunger stored up inside and she was just what the doctor ordered.

How wonderful to have someone to come home to! Doors that once seemed impossibly locked to him weren't so impregnable. Why not give them a try? Why not see if he can open them? What had he been waiting on all these years? One pretty party girl made all the difference; to step out of the shadows at last.

Karl reflected on the lost time in his life, something he rarely did. The gradual descent into the streets, unable to cope with the reality of pointless jobs and the mirage of money. He needed to breathe and for that he was given no quarter in a dying realm. Hope existed as a carrot he can never reach, mocking him during the day as it called to him forlornly at night. Having Karla changed all that.

She was still there when he got back but Karla was certainly not his.

"Let me out! Let me out, you sick son-of-a-bitch!"

"I will never let you go. You're mine now. I'm never going back to the life I led before. And your body is magnificent!"

"Don't you touch me! This is insane. You have to let me go!"

"You have no say! Welcome to my world. Now I'm going to run my hands all over your legs."

Karla wailed and wiggled, nearly losing consciousness in revulsion. But felt death enveloping her. I hate feeling used!

When Karl finally stopped, he was desperate to speak in a normal manner. "Let me know when you're hungry." He figured she'd spit in his face,

"I'm starving," honestly spoke Karla, trying a different tack.

"OK, first you have to say something. You have to say it before every meal or I'll let you starve to death. With no food you'll not even have the energy to escape and you'll just sleep all the time trapped here forever. Trust me, I know what happens when you eat no food."

"What is it then?" asked a suspicious Karla.

"Tell me you want to suck my dick."

"Fuck you!"

"No, not that. Just suck my dick."

"I'll go ahead and starve."

"Brave words now. I'll be back with a cheeseburger. I almost never eat out but today is a special occasion!"

"No wonder you're homeless, you sick fuck. You're a fucking freak! You don't belong in any part of a civilized society."

"We'll find out when when we have one," replied Karl as he departed. He waited several hours to soften her up for the food.

"Still not willing to say it?"

"Am I supposed to say or do it?"

"I said to say it."

"I don't want to."

"Suit yourself." Karl's cheeseburger was sliced in half. He hungrily dove into his half.

"Wait a minute."

"You want to say something?"

"No, but.." Karl kept eating. Soon he would be eating her half. "It's just I really have to say it? This is ridiculous. Come on!" Karl finished his half, then picked up hers. "Wait! Just wait, OK?" Karl waited. "I want to...s*** y*** d***."

"What? I didn't get that."

"I want to suck your dick, you fucking asshole!"

"See that wasn't hard, was it? And guess what? You'll only have to say it for the rest of your life every time you want to eat! Hahahaha!"

"This is a nightmare. This can't be happening to me. What did I do to deserve this? It makes no sense! Who are you?"

Karl scoffed. "I say that every day of my life. I'd tell you you'll get used to it but you won't. You'll just grow old before your time."

"This is hell..." Karla nodded off to sleep.

Karl also used his other weapon: isolation. Leaving her alone for hours at a time withered her into submission to accepting his company. As with him, their time together was all she had to look forward to. But Karl wanted revenge on the world as much as he wanted Karla.

"Now I want you to tell me it's raining."

"OK, it's raining."

"Not yet! When I tell you!"

Karl stepped behind her and unzipped his pants. Karla immediately protested as she knew what was coming. She screamed for him to stop urinating to no avail.

"Say it! Say it now!"

"It's raining! It's raining!"

Karl zipped up his pants as Karla sat in a pool of piss; broken, defeated, and suicidal. Whatever relationship she thought she'd forged with him vanished. This man could not be bargained with, could not be reasoned with. Her appeals fell on deaf ears. She lived at the mercy of a beast. She shut her eyes to pray for death, but death would not come.

When Karla woke up she was free of the binding stocks. Karl had vanished. At first she wondered if it had been a dream. Then waves of shame crashed over her and she knew she had to get out, get cleaned up, and cover up before anyone found out her humiliating weekend. That night in bed, feeling safer, waves of anger replaced the shame.

"I want to kill that bastard! I want him beaten to a pulp! I'll cut off his dick and throw it in the sewer where he belongs. God damn him! I'll get him if I have to die..."

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