Friday, June 05, 2015

What's Good For The Goose...

Of all the dark corners of the universe absent light and hope, there is none more godless and soul-less than in a courtroom of Man, a place where the sinless are condemned for the sins of those who judge them, a place where saints are tortured then systemically murdered; blindly sanctioned by a stubborn society the entire proceedings are wholly absent of God in a surreal nightmarish circus of unleashed socialized savagery. Yea, I say unto you the only light one will find in a courtroom is the light you yourself bring.

In Texas, we have some progressive laws towards mandating truth in a courtroom (a wonderful place where witnesses are sworn to tell the "whole truth" but those who try the cases are not!) But these laws are not on the books because of a love of justice but rather for our wildly egregious contempt for it in the past. Because people need the air of morality more than air itself, we have been forced to address our outrageous behavior and of these was the Michael Morton Act.

Michael Morton was railroaded in the killing of his wife as exculpatory evidence was withheld by the persecuting attorney. This allowed the real killer to remain free and kill again! After fighting DNA testing for years, it was finally ordered and Morton was cleared. He found God in the big house, but God did not set him free. God puts no man in jail nor frees any man. It's all on us. Ergo, the Michael Morton Act, which makes it clear evidence must be shared with defense attorneys. Anti-christs of the court are whining, however.

"I'll spank you every time you catch me in a lie. 
I must maintain moral authority!"

As reported by Grit's justice blog, there are a series of issues cropping up, among them: Improper redactions, Trouble accessing law enforcement files, Timing of Discovery, and Illegal waivers. I find the waivers to be a particularly vicious instrument of torture by these modern day Spanish Inquisitors.
At least "50 jurisdictions across the state produced a form that a defendant would sign waiving at least some discovery rights." Some counties leave production of discovery at prosecutors' discretion, ignoring the Morton Act mandates. Others "require defense attorneys to waive objections to evidence in exchange for access to particular materials." And some "ask defense attorneys to waive the right to make certain applications to the presiding court as a condition of receiving discovery." Such "discovery contracts are not only problematic, say the authors, they also are illegal and unethical."
This behavior requires no comment. Instead, I propose a waiver to be signed in return by the sociopath who makes such a dastardly request to a defendant. To wit:
I, _______________, do freely and wittingly declare myself to be a dirtbag of the highest order. I condemn any truth that gets in the way of my career and BMW as I seek to further myself by trading on the misery of the accused who must suffer my treachery. Punishing others for my own sins makes me giggle. My life amounts to nothing more than having the heart of an over-educated rock. Furthermore, I hereby certify that I break the heart of my mother each day I continue down this evil path.

I also admit of my own free will that I am a dedicated tree-hugger who hates the oil industry, am committed to be a permissive liberal parent, I crossdress on weekends, that Republicans are rebel scum, and I should get me to a monastery forthwith for the good of my soul and the safety of society in general.

Court is now in session. Guess who the defendants are.

Yes, one may pray in the courtroom, but to whom? One cannot pray oneself off the cross. If so, such a direct rebuke from God to the rascals in medieval robes would expose our justice system for what is truly is: a legal system no better or worse than what we make it. What sort of hell's hell is it where monsters seek to throw your life away for personal profit? Why are these waiver weasels not incarcerated for general endangerment? Isn't that purpose of law, to protect the general welfare?

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